Library Divisions

The Williamsburg Regional Library has eight divisions that carry out the work of the library. The tabs below describe the work of each division. 

Interim  Director
Janet L. Crowther, 757.259.4066

Adult Services

Adult Services Director
Melissa Simpson, 757.259.4053

The Adult Services division provides collections, programming, and reference and reader’s advisory services for adults. Programming includes popular offerings like book discussion groups, computer classes, and the Thursday Afternoon Film Series. The division collaborates with Outreach Services to extend service beyond the walls of the library’s buildings to adult care communities and homebound users. The division is also responsible for interlibrary loan services.


Circulation Services

Circulation Services Director
Nancy Cludinski,  757.259.4063

The Circulation Services division is responsible for the library’s check-out, check-in, and shelving operations. Circulation Services also registers users for library cards, pulls items that users have requested, and handles library fines and fees.

Finance and General Services

Finance and General Services Director
Carrie Binsfeld,  757.259.4047

The Finance and General Services division is responsible for all financial, administrative, and facilities operations at the Williamsburg Regional Library.


IT and Technical Services

IT and Technical Services Director
Laura Morales, 757.259.7726

The IT Services division develops and maintains the library’s technology infrastructure. The IT specialists support staff and public PC’s and peripherals. The Library Systems Administrator is responsible for all aspects of WRL’s Integrated Library System (ILS). The Network Administrator is responsible for the staff and public networks at both library buildings and servers that are not associated with the Integrated Library System. The Technical Services division is responsible for acquiring, receiving, cataloging and processing all library materials. In addition, Technical Services staff members update and maintain the cataloging and acquisitions databases. The division works closely with the library’s Development office on gift items and supports the other WRL divisions by helping to staff the public services desks and assisting with Outreach Services.

Program Services

Program Services and Security Director
Rob Haas, 757.259.4071

The Program Services division plans and promotes adult and cultural arts programs. Program Services manages the Williamsburg Library Theatre and associated adult programming, meeting rooms at both the Williamsburg and the James City County Library, and the library's overall publicity and promotions efforts. Program Services is also responsible for library security.

Special Projects

Special Projects Director
Barry Trott, 757.259.7747

The Special Projects Division is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating complex projects that extend across library divisions. The Special Projects Director leads the implementation of system-wide improvements and initiatives, ensuring that they are aligned with the strategic directions of the Williamsburg Regional Library; provides state of the art thinking about the future of public library collections, programs, and services and current best practices in the field to the Library Director, senior Library management, Library Board, and others as appropriate; and develops and oversees library communication strategies, including press releases, publicity and promotion, library website, social media presence, and mobile applications. Examples of special projects include orchestrating a unified, library-wide approach to the delivery of digital library collections, programs, and services; developing and implementing library-wide staff training models; and coordinating the library’s participation in emerging communication technologies.

Youth Services

Youth Services Director
Sandra Towers, 757.259.4054

The Youth Services division provides collections, programming, and reference and reader’s advisory services for the youngest children learning to read and older children reading to learn. Programming includes author visits and entertainment that is both enjoyable and educational. The division collaborates with Outreach Services to extend service beyond the walls of the library’s buildings to preschools and elementary schools.


Organizational Chart

Click here for a copy of the library's organizational chart.