Confidentiality of Library Records

The Library values free and confidential access to information.  The Library also abides by Virginia's confidentiality laws. Therefore, the Library will not reveal users' personal data or circulation records without an appropriate subpoena, warrant, or other court order. The Library will seek legal advice on such orders and will ask that counsel be present before any searches begin. The Library will follow subpoenas and warrants strictly to ensure that only the requested information is revealed. The Library will also comply with disclosure limitations contained in search warrants.

Parents or legal guardians may access the records of their children aged seventeen and under. Library users may also authorize others to access their records.


[Approved by WRL Board of Trustees September 13, 1995. Approved as amended by WRL Board of Trustees September 25, 2002. Reaffirmed by WRL Board of Trustees March 10, 2004. Approved by the WRL Board of Trustees May 23, 2007. Approved as amended October 27, 2010.  Approved as amended December 3, 2014]