Notices and Handouts

Williamsburg Regional Library will post notices, as space permits, for events in library meeting rooms and for any charitable, educational, historic, governmental, or recreational institution, association or Section 501(c)(3) organization located within James City County, the City of Williamsburg, or York County, or for any such institution, association, or organization that regularly provides services to residents of these localities.

Such notices must be initialed by an Adult Services or Program Services staff member before posting. Notices must be no larger than 8 ½" by 14" and must be for an event, or events, beginning no more than 30 days from the date of posting.

Free handouts from the entities listed above may be placed in designated areas as space permits and as approved by library staff.

The posting or distribution of these materials does not indicate library endorsements of the presenting organization, its programs, or the contents of its handouts.

[Approved by WRL Board of Trustees March 1994. Approved by WRL Board of Trustees as amended January 15, 2003. Reaffirmed by WRL Board of Trustees September 29, 2004. Approved as amended by WRL Board of Trustees January 23, 2008. Approved as amended by WRL Board of Trustees May 25, 2011.]