Selection of Library Materials

The Williamsburg Regional Library Board of Trustees delegates responsibility for selection of the library’s collection to the Library Director. Given the wide range of community tastes and interests, items selected for the collection will not necessarily appeal to all users.

Youth materials are selected to appeal to children of different ages and interests.  Library staff members will help users locate materials, but they do not presume to make decisions for parents, guardians, or caregivers as to which library materials are appropriate for their children.


[Approved by WRL Board of Trustees September 13, 1995. Approved as amended by WRL Board of Trustees January 23, 2002. Reaffirmed by WRL Board of Trustees March 10, 2004. Reaffirmed by WRL Board of Trustees April 25, 2007.  Approved as amended by the WRL Board of Trustees December 1, 2010.]