Looking For a Good Book?

Since 2003, Over 1,400 readers have taken advantage of the library's Looking for a Good Book? service, which offers personalized reading suggestions based on your interests.

Librarians use your reading profile to generate an annotated reading list just for you.

Here’s what some of those readers have had to say:

"I’ve really enjoyed the books I’ve read so far. It’s been a pleasure to have someone else pick out really good books instead of me trying out a book and finding I don’t like it.”

“I've recommended this to a few people--it's great for new book leads, and for finding older books that are in my style."

“The questions made me think about my own reading preferences in ways that I had not previously done. It was well worth the time and made the excellent recommendations that I received possible. I have recommended this service to many, many people. The online questionnaire worked flawlessly which is not always the case with web-based anything!”

“I am frequently at a loss to find books that will enable me to expand my literary horizons. Your suggestions have shown me several new roads to explore. Thanks so much!”

“I loved this service. If you are a reader, you know we often go through dry periods, when we can’t find anything to read. This service keeps me out of the dry periods! It was as if the person who recommended the books to me completely understood my interests.”

Looking for a Good Book? was recognized by the Virginia Public Libraries Directors’ Association, receiving the 2004 Innovative Library Service to Adults award.

To join the community of readers who have taken advantage of Looking for a Good Book? you can fill out our online form or stop by the Reference Desk at either library and pick up a reading suggestion form. If you have any questions, contact the Adult Services staff at 259.4050 or through email at read-l {at} wrl {dot} org