eBook Returns

The process for returning titles varies depending on the type of reader you are using. Here are the directions for the most common readers.

Readers accessed with Adobe Digital Editions

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • Go to Library View
  • Click on the title that you wish to return and then click the small arrow to the left of the title
  • Choose "Return borrowed item"
  • Click "Return" in the window that pops up

Mobile devices (iPad, iPod, Android tablets, etc.)

  • Open the Overdrive Media Console app on your device
  • Go to your list of titles (the Bookshelf link in the app)
  • Tap and hold down on the title you want to return until the return link appears
  • Touch the "Return" in the window that pops up

Amazon Kindle or Kindle app on mobile device

  • Go to Amazon.com and login to your account
  • Click on My Account
  • Under Order History, click on View Your Kindle Orders
  • Find the title that you want to return (it will say "Digital Library" in orange next to the title)
  • Click the button that says "Actions" located to the right of the title you want to return
  • Choose "Return to Library"
  • A message will display that the item has been returned successfully, however, the process is not complete until the page reloads