Lit Kits

Many teachers and day care providers plan lessons around themes throughout the year.   The Williamsburg Regional Library has compiled books, puppets, videos and songbooks which focus on these popular themes. Called "Lit Kits," these storytimes in a bag may make planning easy.

  • Lit kits are designed for preschool through kindergarten (red bag) and kindergarten through third grade (blue bag).
  • You may check out 3 Lit Kits per library card.
  • Lit Kits may be checked out for 4 weeks. You may renew them twice if no one has put a hold on it.
  • Lit Kits must be checked out on an adult's library card.

    Our lit kit themes are listed below.


Apples  (Pre-K) December Holidays  (K-3) Magic  (K-3) Sea  (K-3)
Apples  (K-3) Dinosaurs  (K-3) Mother Goose  (Pre-K) Sing-a-long  (Pre-K)
Around the Town (K-3) Dogs (Pre-K) Native Americans  (Pre-K) Spiders  (Pre-K)
Autumn  (Pre-K) Dragons  (K-3) Native Americans  (K-3) Spring  (Pre-K)
Autumn  (K-3) Ducklings  (K-3) Penguins  (K-3) Spring  (K-3)
Barnyard  (Pre-K) Endangered Animals  (K-3) Pigs  (Pre-K) Thanksgiving  (Pre-K)
Bears  (Pre-K) Fire Safety  (K-3) Pigs  (K-3) Thanksgiving  (K-3)
Bears  (K-3) First Day of School  (Pre-K) Pizza  (K-3) Things About Me  (Pre-K)
Bedtimes Stories  (Pre-K) Folktales (K-3) Potty Training:  Boy  (Pre-K) Things That Go  (K-3)
Bereavement  (K-3) Friendship  (K-3) Potty Training:  Girl  (Pre-K) Trains  (K-3)
Birds  (K-3) Frogs  (Pre-K) Potty Training:  General  (Pre-K) Valentine's Day  (Pre-K)
Cats  (Pre-K) Halloween  (Pre-K) Royalty  (Pre-K) Valentine's Day  (K-3)
Circus  (Pre-K) Halloween  (K-3) Royalty  (K-3) Winter  (Pre-K)
Color Concept  (Pre-K) Hanukkah  (K-3) School  (Pre-K) Winter  (K-3)
Alphabet/Counting  (Pre-K) Horses  (Pre-K) School  (K-3) Wolves  (Pre-K)
December Holidays  (Pre-K) Insects  (Pre-K) Sea  (Pre-K) Wolves  (K-3)