Paws to Read with K-9 Connection

Kids, dogs, and books. . . what a great relationship! Paws to Read attracts children from the entire spectrum of reading levels who come once a month on a Sunday afternoon to read to trained K-9 Connection therapy dogs.

The dogs, family pets representing many breeds, and their owners who volunteer their time have been certified in pet therapy. It has been observed over and over that children's reading abilities improve as they gain confidence by reading to dogs. Why? The dogs listen uncritically and wag their tails as the kids read. In addition to reading improvement, Paws shows kids how to relate to dogs as pets. How? The loving relationship between the dog and its owner helps foster kindness, respect, and good animal interaction skills. Each participant is required to have a permission slip signed by a parent.


The final Paws to Read for 2016 will be at 2:30 p.m., Sunday, December 18 at the James City County Library.  Below are dates and locations for 2017 Paws to Read.


Date Location
January 8 James City County Library
February 5 James City County Library
March 12 James City County Library
April 9 James City County Library
May 7 James City County Library
June 11 James City County Library
July 9 Williamsburg Library
August 20 Williamsburg Library
September 24 Williamsburg Library
October 29 Williamsburg Library
November 19 Williamsburg Library
December 17 Williamsburg Library