Admiral Nimitz Brayton Harris
After Visiting Friends Michael Hainey
Against All Odds Scott Brown
Alexander the Great Philip Freeman
Alone Together Teddy Getty Gaston
American Cocktail Anita Reynolds
American Rose Karen Abbott
American Scoundrel Thomas Keneally
An Exclusive Love Johanna Adorjan
An Improvised Life Alan Arkin
And Furthermore Judi Dench
As Luck Would Have It Derek Jacobi
Autobiography of My Hungers Rigoberto Gonzalez
Back in the Fight Sgt. Joseph Kapacziewski
Barefoot Lawyer Guangcheng Chen
Beamish Boy Albert Flynn DeSilver
Beautiful: A Life of Hedy Lamarr Stephen Michael Shearer
Becoming Mr. October Reggie Jackson
Becoming Ray Bradbury Jonathan R. Eller
Bee Gees: The Biography David N. Meyer
Behind the Scenes Elizabeth Keckley
Beyond Belief Jenna Miscavige Hill
The Big Fight Sugar Ray Leonard
Blessed Footsteps J.R. Holden
Blood, Bones & Butter Gabrielle Hamilton
Blue Nights Joan Didion
Blue Plate Special Kate Christensen
Boswell's Enlightenment Robert Zaretsky
Boy at the Gate Danny Ellis
Breaking Night Liz Murray
Bruce Peter Ames Carlin
Buckley Carl T. Bogus
C. S. Lewis: A Life Alister McGrath
Call the Nurse Mary J. MacLeod
Car-Sick John Waters
Catherine the Great Robert K. Massie
Charles Dickens: A Life Claire Tomalin
The Churchill Factor Boris Johnson
Clarence Darrow: American Iconoclast Andrew Edmund Kersten
Cleopatra Stacy Schiff
The Communist Paul Kengor
Cooked Seed Anchee Min
Country Girl Edna O’Brien
Cronkite Douglas Brinkley
Custer Larry McMurtry
Dancing Through It Jenifer Ringer
Dark Path David Schickler
David Merrick Howard Kissel
De Niro: A Life Shawn Levy
Decision Points George W. Bush
Diaghilev: A Life Sjeng Scheijen
Dilemma Albert Cutie
Dirty Daddy Bob Saget
Doc: A Memoir Dwight Gooden
Ear of the Heart Mother Dolores Hart
Edith Cavell Diana Souhami
Edmund Burke Jesse Norman
Eleven Rings Phil Jackson
Elizabeth the Queen Sally Bedell Smith
Enduring Courage John F. Ross
Escaped Alone Sharon Chang
Ethan Allen: His Life and Times Willard Sterne Randall
Exodus Deborah Feldman
Faisal I of Iraq Ali A. Allawi
Fear and What Follows Tim Parrish
Fighting Chance Elizabeth Warren
Frank Annette Dunlap
Friedkin Connection William Friedkin
From This Moment On Shania Twain
Furious Cool David Henry
Galileo J.L. Heilbron
Gandhi Before India Ramachandra Guha
Georgette Heyer Jennifer Kloester
Getting Life Michael Morton
Ghost Boy Martin Pistorius
Gifted Hands Ben Carson. M.D.
Girl in a Band Kim Gordon
Girl With No Name Marina Chapman
Glenn Ford: A Life Peter Ford
Glitter and Glue Kelly Corrigan
Glow Rick James
Good Morning, Mr. Mandela Zelda la Grange
Grace, Gold and Glory Gabrielle Douglas
Grant Wood: A Life R. Tripp Evans
Growing Up Laughing Marlo Thomas
Havel: A Life Michael Zantovsky
History Lessons Clifton Crais
House of Prayer No. 2 Mark Richard
House of Redgrave Tim Adler
How I Got This Way Regis Philbin
I Am Malala Malala Yousafzai
I Am Malala Malala Yousafzai
I Can See Clearly Now Dr. Wayne Dyer
I, Rhoda Valerie Harper
Inside the Muslim Brotherhood Youssef Nada & Douglas Thompson
It Was Me All Along Andie Mitchell
J.D. Salinger Kenneth Slawenski
Jack Hinson's One-Man War Tom C. McKenney
John F. Kennedy Alan Brinkley
Johnny Carson Henry Bushkin
Judas: A Biography Susan Gubar
Julius Caesar Philip Freeman
Just One Catch Tracy Daugherty
Keeping Hope Alive Dr. Hawa Abdi
Known and Unknown Donald Rumsfeld
Knuckler Tim Wakefield
Lady Blue Eyes Barbara Sinatra
Last Lion William Manchester & Paul Reid
Last Resort Norma Watkins
Lee Marvin: Point Blank Dwayne Epstein
Leonard Bernstein Letters Leonard Bernstein
Let the Tornado Come Rita Zoey Chin
Life & Career of David Beckham Tracey Savell Reavis
Little Failure Gary Shteyngart
Lives of Margaret Fuller John Matteson
Long Shot Mike Piazza
Looking for Enid Duncan McLaren
Looking Glass Brother Peter von Ziegesar
Lord Mansfield Norman S. Poser
Lost & Found Sarah Jakes
Lucky Bruce Bruce Jay Friedman
Mad World Paula Byrne
A Man Called Destruction Holly George-Warren
A Man of Good Hope Jonny Steinberg
Man He Became James Tobin
Margarita Wednesdays Deborah Rodriguez
Medgar Evers: Mississippi Martyr Michael Vinson Williams
Men We Reaped Jesmyn Ward
Michael Jordan: The Life Roland Lazenby
Millard Fillmore Paul Finkelman
Miracles of Life J.G. Ballard
Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant Imelda Cummins DeMelkon
Monkey Mind Daniel Smith
Mosby’s Memoirs John S. Mocby
Mozart: A Life Paul Johnson
Must You Go? Antonia Fraser
My Beloved World Sonia Sotomayor
My Beloved World Sonia Sotomayor
My Cross to Bear Gregg Allman & Alan Light
My Cross to Bear Greg Allman
My Infamous Life Prodigy & Laura Checkoway
My Life Isadora Duncan
My Life in Middlemarch Rebecca Mead
My Life in Politics Jacques Chirac
My Mother Was Nuts Penny Marshall
My Story Marilyn Monroe & Ben Hecht
My Way Paul Anka
Napoleon: A Life Andrew Roberts
Native American Son Kate Buford
No Hero Mark Owen
No Higher Honor Condoleezza Rice
No Ordinary Men Elisabeth Sifton
Norman Mailer: A Double Life J. Michael Lennon
The Obamas Jodi Kantor
One Lucky Bastard Roger Moore
One Woman, Three Prisons Jo Anne M. Mertons
Orr: My Story Bobby Orr
Outsider, The Jimmy Connors
Paris: A Love Story Kati Marton
The Patriarch David Nasaw
Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography Laura Ingalls Wilder & Pamela Smith Hill, ed.
Prince Philip Philip Eade
Read My Lips Sally Kellerman
Reading Jackie William Kuhn
The Reaper Nicholas Irving & Gary Brozek
Rebel Yell S.C. Gwynne
RG3: The Promise Dave Sheinin
Rin Tin Tin Susan Orlean
Rocket Girl George D. Morgan
Rod Rod Stewart
Romanov Sisters Helen Rappaport
Rules of Inheritance Claire Bidwell Smith
Sal Mineo Michael Gregg Michaud
Seams Unlikely Nancy Zieman
The Secretary Kim Ghattas
Shifty’s War Marcus Brotherton
Simple Dreams Linda Ronstadt
Slow Getting Up Nate Jackson
So, Anyway... John Cleese
Soundtrack of My Life Clive Davis
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson
Still Foolin’ Em Billy Crystal
Stolen Life Jaycee Dugard
Strength of a Champion O.J. Brigance
Sum It Up Pat Summitt
Take This Man Brando Skyhorse
Terrible Swift Sword Joseph Wheelan
Thank Heaven Leslie Caron
That’s That Colin Broderick
Then Again Diane Keaton
This Time Together Carol Burnett
Thomas Cromwell Tracy Borman
Thomas Jefferson: A Life Willard Sterne Randall
Through My Eyes Tim Tebow and Nathan Whitaker
Tibetan Peach Pie Tom Robbins
Ticket to the Circus Norris Church Mailer
Titian: His Life Sheila Hale
Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger
Twitch Upon a Star Herbie J. Pilato
Uggie: My Story As barked to Wendy Holden
Uncaged: My Life as a Champion MMA Fighter Frank Shamrock & Charles Fleming
Under Magnolia Frances Mayes
Under Magnolia Frances Mayes
Undisputed Truth Mike Tyson & Larry Sloman
Universal Tone Carlos Santana
Unsinkable: A Memoir Debbie Reynolds
Untied Meredith Baxter
Up From the Projects Walter E. Williams
Victoria: A Life A. N. Wilson
Voice is All Joyce Johnson
Voltaire: A LIfe Ian Davidson
Washington: A Life Ron Chernow
Watch Me Anjelica Huston
Way Below the Angels Craig Harline
West by West Jerry West and Jonathan Coleman
When Variety Was King Frank Peppiatt
Where the Peacocks Sing Alison Singh Gee
Whitey Bulger Kevin Cullen
Who I Am Pete Townshend
Who Is That Man? David Dalton
Why Soccer Matters Pele & Brian Winter
Widow's Story Joyce Carol Oates
Wild Bill Donovan Douglas Waller
Wild Muir John Muir & Lee Stetson, Ed.
William Wells Brown Ezra Greenspan
The Woman I Wanted to Be Diane von Furstenberg
Yarn Whisperer Clara Parkes
Yes, Chef Marcus Samuelsson
Young Al Capone William Balsamo
Young Henry Robert Hutchinson
Zumwalt Larry Berman