The Snowman Je Nesbo
The Leopard Jo Nesbo
10th Anniversary James Patterson
1222 Anne Holt
12th of Never James Patterson
50% Off Murder Josie Belle
7th Woman Frederique Molay
A-List Murders Merla Zellerbach
Accidental Native J.L. Torres-Padilla
Accused Lisa Scottoline
After Her Joyce Maynard
After I’m Gone Laura Lippman
All Day And A Night Alafair Burke
Alpine Winter Mary Daheim
Alpine Yeoman Mary Daheim
Among the Departed Vicki Delaney
An Unmarked Grave Charles Todd
Antiquarian Gustavo Faveron Patriau
Antiques Knock-Off Barbara Allan
As Easy As Murder Quintin Jardine
Available Dark Elizabeth Hand
Backstage Stuff Sharon Fiffer
Bad Boy Peter Robinson
Bad Day For Mercy Sophie Littlefield
A Bad Day for Scandal Sophie Littlefield
Bad Moon Rising Ed Gorman
Bad Samaritan Aimee and David Thurlo
Bad Samaritan Aimee and David Thurlo
Bad Tidings Nick Oldham
Bagmen William Lashner
Baker Street Translation Michael Robertson
Baudelaire’s Revenge Bob Van Laerhoven
Bay of Fires Poppy Gee
Beast, The Faye Kellerman
Beastly Things Donna Leon
Beastly Things Donna Leon
Beautiful Mystery Louise Penny
Bedlam of Bones Suzette A. Hill
Bedlam Detective Stephen Gallagher
Before She Dies Mary Burton
Before The Poison Peter Robinson
Beggar’s Opera Peggy Blair
Believing the Lie Elizabeth George
Bellingham Bloodbath Gregory Harris
Bet Your Bones Jeanne Matthews
Betrayal of Trust J.A. Jance
Big Cat Nap Rita Mae Brown
Big Goodbye Michael Lister
Big Wheat Richard A. Thompson
Bishop Must Die Michael Jecks
Black Ace G.B. Joyce
Black Box Michael Connelly
Black Box Michael Connelly
Black Chalk Christopher J. Yates
Blackberry Pie Murder Joanne Fluke
BlackJack Andrew Vachss
Bleed a River Deep Brian McGilloway
Bleeding Edge Thomas Pynchon
Blind Trust Sandra Orchard
Blood Bath & Beyond Michelle Rowen
Blood Curse Maurizio De Giovanni
Blood Lance Jeri Westerson
Blood Tango Annamaria Alfieri
Blood, Ash & Bone Tina Whittle
Bloodman Robert Pobi
Bloody City C.B. Hanley
Blue Lightning Ann Cleeves
Blunt Impact Lisa Black
Body in the Boudoir Katherine Hall Page
Body in the Gazebo Katherine Hall Page
Body Line Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Bone Bed Patricia Cornwell
Bones Are Forever Kathy Reichs
Bones Beneath Mark Billingham
Bones of the Lost Kathy Reichs
Breaking Silence Linda Castillo
Broken Harbor Tana French
Brooklyn Bones Triss Stein
Bubble Gum Thief Jeff Miller
Bughouse Affair Marcia Muller
Buried Prey John Sandford
Buried Prey John Sandford
Burnt Black Ed Kovacs
By Any Means Chris Culver
By Its Cover Donna Leon
Cage of Bones Tania Carver
Call Me Princess Sara Blaedel
Candle Flame Paul Doherty
Candlemoth R.J. Ellory
Capacity For Murder Bernadette Pajer
Carnal Curiosity Stuart Woods
Cat Bearing Gifts Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Cat in an Alien X-Ray Carole Nelson Douglas
Cat Sitter’s Cradle Blaize & John Clement
Cat Telling Tales Shirley R. Murphy
Catch Me Lisa Gardner
Cause of Death Jane A. Adams
Centuries of June Keith Donohue
Chalice of Blood Peter Tremayne
Chance of a Ghost E.J. Copperman
Chihuahua Confidential Waverly Curtis
Chimes at Midnight Michael A. Black
Christmas Garland Anne Perry
Cinderella Killer Simon Brett
City of Broken Glass Rebecca Cantrell
Claw Back Mike Cooper
Cleaner of Chartres Salley Vickers
Close Knit Killer Maggie Sefton
Closed For Winter Jorn Lier Horst
Clutches and Curses Dorothy Howell
The Code G.B. Joyce
Cold Comfort Quentin Bates
Cold Cruel Winter Chris Nickson
Cold Feet Karen Pullen
Cold Nowhere Brian Freeman
Cold Song Linn Ullmann
Cold Wind C.J. Box
Collateral Damage Stuart Woods
Collateral Damage Stuart Woods
Concealed in Death J.D. Robb
Conspiracy of Faith Jussi Adler-Olsen
Cookbook Conspiracy Kate Carlisle
Cookie Dough or Die Virginia Lowell
Cop to Corpse Peter Lovesey
Corpse on the Cob Sue Ann Jaffarian
Corpse of St. James Jeanne M. Dams
Corpus Conundrum Albert A. Bell, Jr.
Corsican Caper Peter Mayle
County Line Bill Cameron
Creole Belle James Lee Burke
Crime Fraiche Alexander Campion
Crime of Julian Wells Thomas H. Cook
Crocodile Maurizio De Giovanni
Crooked Numbers Tim O’Mara
Cross of Vengeance Cora Harrison
Crossbones Yard Kate Rhodes
Crowded Grave Martin Walker
Crowner's Crusade Bernard Knight
Crunch Time Diane Mott Davidson
Cry From the Dust Carrie Stuart Parks
Cup of Jo Sandra Balzo
Curse of the Jade Lily David Housewright
Cursed in the Act Raymond Buckland
D.C. Dead Stuart Woods
D.C. Dead Stuart Woods
Dangerous Deceit Marjorie Eccles
Dante’s Poison Lynne Raimondo
Dark Blood Stuart MacBride
Dark Palace R.N. Morris
Dark Road to Darjeeling Deanna Raybourn
Dark and Stormy Knit Anne Canadeo
Dark Waters Susan Rogers Cooper
Day of Honey Annia Ciezadlo
Dead Beat Patricia Hall
Dead and Buried Stephen Booth
Dead Level Sarah Graves
Dead Like You Peter James
Dead Like You Peter James
Dead Man in Malta Michael Pearce
Dead Man Waltzing Ella Barrick
Dead Man's Tale James D. Doss
Dead of Night Barbara Nadel
Dead Reckoning Charlaine Harris
Dead Scared S.J. Bolton
Dead Shall Not Rest Tessa Harris
Dead of Summer Mari Jungstedt
Dead Will Tell Linda Castillo
Dead of Winter Jane A. Adams
Deadly Business Lis Wiehl
Deadly Devotion Sandra Orchard
Deadly Inheritance Janet Laurence
Deadly Pleasures Martin Edwards
Deadly Stakes J.A. Jance
Death of a Robber Baron Charles O’Brien
Death Angel Linda Fairstein
Death at the Chateau Bremont M.L. Longworth
Death Come Quickly Susan Wittig Albert
Death Comes Silently Carolyn Hart
Death Comes to the Village Catherine Lloyd
Death in a Scarlet Coat David Dickinson
Death in August Marco Vichi
Death in Four Courses Lucy Burdette
Death in Sardinia Marco Vichi
Death in St. James Park Susanna Gregory
Death in the 12th House Mitchell Scott Lewis
Death in the Ashes Albert A. Bell, Jr.
Death in the Floating City Tasha Alexander
Death Lies Beneath Pauline Rowson
Death of Lucy Kyte Nicola Upson
Death on a Pale Horse Donald Thomas
Death On Blackheath Anne Perry
Death on Demand Paul Thomas
Death on the Rocks Deryn Lake
Death on Tour Janice Hamrick
Death of Pie Tamar Myers
Death Relic Chris Kuzneski
Death Surge Pauline Rowson
Death and the Alma Mater G.M. Mailliet
Death and the Maiden Frank Tallis
Death Toll Jim Kelly
The Deathly Portent Elizabeth Bailey
Death’s Dark Shadow Sally Spencer
Deceived Randy Wayne White
Deep Cover Peter Turnbull
Delivering Death Julie Kramer
Demon's Parchment Jeri Westerton
Demons Walk Among Us Jonathan Hicks
Destroyer Angel Nevada Barr
Devil May Care David Housewright
Devil’s Breath Tessa Harris
Devil’s Edge Stephen Booth
Devil’s Night Todd Ritter
The Devotion of Suspect X Keigo Higashino
Distortion Terri Blackstock
Doctor of Thessaly Anne Zouroudi
Dog in the Manger Mike Resnick
Dogstar Rising Parker Bilal
Don’t Look For Me Loren D. Estleman
Drowning River Christobel Kent
Dust Patricia Cornwell
Dutch Me Deadly Maddy Hunter
Dying to Dance Merla Zellerbach
Dying to Know Keith McCarthy
Echoes of the Dead Sally Spencer
Eggs in a Casket Laura Childs
Electric Barracuda Tim Dorsey
Empty Death Laura Wilson
English Tea Murder Leslie Meier
Eva’s Eye Karin Fossum
Eve Iris Johansen
Every Bitter Thing Leighton Gage
Every Hidden Fear Linda Rodriguez
Evil In All Its Disguises Hilary Davidson
Evil in the 1st House Mitchell Scott Lewis
Explosive Eighteen Janet Evanovich
Extinction of Snow Frederick Lightfoot
Facing Justice Nick Oldham
Fair and Tender Ladies Chris Nickson
Fallen Karin Slaughter
The Fallen Jassy Mackenzie
Fallen Angel David Hewson
Fallen Angel David Hewson
Falling More Slowly Peter Helton
False Front Diane Fanning
False Patriots Charles O’Brien
Fangs Out David Freed
Far North Michael Ridpath
Farewell To Freedom Sara Blaedel
Fatal Decree H. Terrell Griffin
Fatal Error J.A. Jance
Fatal Likeness Lynn Shepherd
Fatal Touch Conor Fitzgerald
Fatal Winter G. M. Malliet
Fear Collector Gregg Olsen
Fear in the Sunlight Nicola Upson
Fear Nothing Lisa Gardner
Feast Day of Fools James Lee Burke
Fever Dream Dennis Palumbo
Fever of the Bone Val McDermid
Field of Prey John Sandford
Final Sail Elaine Viets
Final Settlement Vicki Doudera
Fire On the Runway Mel Bradshaw
Fireproof Alex Kava
Flash and Bones Kathy Reichs
Flashpoint Ed Gorman
Fleur de Lies Maddy Hunter
Flowerbed of State Dorothy St. James
Fly Me to the Morgue Robert J. Randisi
Footprints in the Sand Mary Jane Clark
Force of Habit Alice Loweecey
The Forgotten David Baldacci
The Forgotten David Baldacci
Foul Play at Four Ann Purser
Found H. Terrell Griffin
Frontier Justice Bill Brooks
Frozen Charlotte Priscilla Masters
Frozen Stiff Annelise Ryan
Funeral Owl Jim Kelly
Gamble Felix Francis
Garment of Shadows Laurie R. King
Gentlemen’s Hour Don Winslow
Getting Dunn Tom Schreck
Ghost of a Gamble Sue Ann Jaffarian
Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini Sue Ann Jaffarian
Gideon's Sword Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Gilt Trip Laura Childs
Glass Demon Helen Grant
Glazed Murder Jessica Beck
Gods and Beasts Denise Mina
Golden Calf Helene Tursten
Gone James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Gone West Carola Dunn
Gone with a Handsomer Man Michael Lee West
Good Man Friday Barbara Hambly
Grain of Truth Zygmunt Miloszewski
Gray Ghost Murders Keith McCafferty
Green Light For Murder Heywood Gould
Grievous Angel Quintin Jardine
Grim Reaper’s Dance Judy Clemens
Grind Joint Dana King
Gypped Carol Higgins Clark
Hanging of Samuel Ash Sheldon Russell
Harbor Nocturne Joseph Wambaugh
Hard Twisted C. Joseph Greaves
Harlot’s Tale Sam Thomas
Haven Kay Hooper
Hawkwood James McGee
Hazard Michael Senuta
Headstone Ken Bruen
Hearse and Buggy Laura Bradford
Heirs and Graces Rhys Bowen
Hell Is Empty Craig Johnson
Herald of Death Kate Kingsbury
Hideout Kathleen George
Highway 61 David Housewright
Highway, The C.J. Box
Hollywood Forever Susan Goldstein
Home for a Spell Madelyn Alt
Homicide in Hardcover Kate Carlisle
Honors Due Edward Cline
Hot Stuff Don Bruns
Hotbed Bill James
Hotel Bosphorus Esmahan Aykol
Hotel No Tell Daphne Uviller
Hounded David Rosenfelt
House of Evidence Viktor Arnar Ingolfssom
How the Light Gets In Louise Penny
Hurt Machine Reed Farrel Coleman
The Hypnotist Lars Kepler
I Am Gold Bill James
I, Michael Bennett James Patterson
Ice Cap Chris Knopf
Ice Shear M.P. Cooley
Icon J. Carson Black
Identity Ingrid Thoft
Ides of April Lindsey Davis
The Illuminated Vineyard Jean Moynahan
Impersonator Mary Miley
Infernal Angels Loren D. Estleman
Innocence Game Michael Harvey
Innocence Game Michael Harvey
Instinct Nick Oldham
Invisible Code Christopher Fowler
It Happens in the Dark Carol O’Connell
It Takes a Witch Heather Blake
Jackal Man Kate Ellis
The Jaguar T. Jefferson Parker
Judgement Call Nick Oldham
Judgment Call J.A. Jance
Just One Evil Act Elizabeth George
Justice For Sara Erica Spindler
Kenken Killings Parnell Hall
Kill My Darling Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Killed at the Whim of a Hat Colin Cotterill
Killer in the Wind Andrew Klavan
The Killer is Dying James Sallis
Killer Physique G.A. McKevett
Killing at Cotton Hill Terry Shames
Killing Season Priscilla Royal
Killing the Emperors Ruth Dudley Edwards
Kind of Blue Miles Corwin
King and Maxwell David Baldacci
Kings of Midnight Wallace Stroby
Kinsey and Me Sue Grafton
Laidlaw William McIlvanney
Lake of Tears Mary Logue
Lambs to the Slaughter Sally Spencer
Land of Shadows Rachel Howzell Hall
Last Camellia Sarah Jio
Last Temptation Gerrie Finger
Last to Die Tess Gerritsen
Last to Know Elizabeth Adler
Laws In Conflict Cora Harrison
Leaving Everything Most Loved Jacqueline Winspear
Left For Dead J.A. Jance
Let the Devil Sleep John Verdon
Light From a Distant Star Mary McGarry Morris
Light in the Ruins Chris Bohjalian
Line Up Liad Shoham
Little Night Murder Nancy Martin
Little Shop of Homicide Denise Swanson
Live Wire Harlan Coben
Llama of Death Betty Webb
Looking For Yesterday Marcia Muller
Loot Gary Alexander
Lost S.J. Bolton
Lost Sister Russel D. McLean
Love To Die For Merla Zellerbach
Lucifer's Shadow David Hewson
Lucifer's Shadow David Hewson
Lucky Bastard Deborah Coonts
Lucky Stiff Annelise Ryan
Lucky Stiff Deborah Coonts
Luther: The Calling Neil Cross
Mad River John Sandford
Make Believe Ed Ifkovic
Mandarin Gate Eliot Pattison
Mannequin House R.N. Morris
Measure of Blood Kathleen George
Medal For Murder Frances Brody
Midnight Alley Miles Corwin
Midwife’s Tale Sam Thomas
Midwinter Blood Mons Kallentoft
Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon Alexander McCall Smith
Mirror Image Dennis Palumbo
Missing Italian Girl Barbara Corrado Pope
Missing Persons Clare O'Donohue
Missing You Harlan Coben
Misterioso Arne Dahl
Mixed Signals Jane Tesh
Moriarty Returns a Letter Michael Robertson
Mourning Gloria Susan Wittig Albert
Mr. Monk on the Road Lee Goldberg
Murder at Midnight C.S. Challinor
Murder At the Breakers Alyssa Maxwell
Murder By the Book Susanna Gregory
Murder House Simon Beaufort
Murder in Pigalle Cara Black
Murder and Moonshine Carol Miller
Murder Most Austen Tracy Kiely
Murder My Neighbor Veronica Heley
Murder on Bamboo Lane Naomi Hirahara
Murder on the Moor C.S. Challinor
Murder Season Robert Ellis
Murder Under Cover Kate Carlisle
My Second Death Lydia Cooper
The Mysterium P.C. Doherty
Mystery Jonathan Kellerman
Naked Heat Richard Castle
Names of Our Tears P.L. Gaus
Namesake Conor Fitzgerald
Nemesis Bill Pronzini
Never Go Back Lee Child
Next Time You See Me Holly Goddard Jones
Night Film Marisha Pessl
Night Watch Linda Fairstein
Nightrise Jim Kelly
No Heart, No Roses Colin Murray
No Man’s Nightingale Ruth Rendell
No Mark Upon Her Deborah Crombie
No Rest For the Dead Sandra Brown, et. al.
Not the Killing Type Lorna Barrett
Notorious Nineteen Janet Evanovich
Now You See Me S. J. Bolton
Nowhere to Run C.J. Box
Officers' Club Ralph Peters
Officer’s Prey Armand Cabasson
Omens Kelly Armstrong
One Blood Graeme Kent
Only One Life Sara Blaedel
Or the Bull Kills You Jason Webster
Original Skin David Mark
Other Child Charlotte Link
Out of Circulation Miranda James
Outerborough Blues Andrew Cotto
Painted Ladies Robert B. Parker
Palace of Justice Suzanne Alleyn
Paris Directive Gerald Jay
Parliament of Spies Cassandra Clark
Past Tense Catherine Aird
Pattern of Wounds J. Mark Bertrand
Paw and Order Spencer Quinn
Peril at Somner House Joanna Challis
Phantom Jo Nesbo
Phantom Instinct Meg Gardiner
Photo Snap Shot Joanna Campbell Slan
Physical Education Maggie Barbieri
Pies and Prejudice Ellery Adams
Plague of Lies Judith Rock
Plain Death Amanda Flower
Police and Thieves James Patrick Hunt
Polished Off Lila Dare
Port Mortuary Patricia Cornwell
Port Mortuary Patricia Cornwell
Potion to Die For Heather Blake
Prague Fatale Philip Kerr
Prodigal Son Colleen McCullough
Proof of Guilt Charles Todd
Providence Rider Robert McCammon
Purgatory Chasm Steve Ulfelder
Queen of Hearts Rhys Bowen
Queen’s Ransom Ellery Queen
The Quest for Anna Klein Thomas H. Cook
Question of Despair Maureen Carter
Quickstep to Murder Ella Barrick
Racing the Devil Jaden Terrell
Rage Against the Dying Becky Masterman
Ragtime Cowboys Loren D. Estleman
Raylan Elmore Leonard
The Real Macaw Donna Andrews
Red 1-2-3 John Katzenbach
Red Devil 4 Eric C. Leuthardt
Red Jacket Joseph Heywood
Red Jade Henry Chang
Red Pole of Macau Ian Hamilton
Reel Stuff Don Bruns
Rescue For A Queen Fiona Buckley
The Reservoir John Milliken Thompson
Resolutions Jane A. Adams
Resurrectionist James McGee
Reversal Michael Connelly
Ring of Guilt Judith Cutler
Rituals Mary Anna Evans
Rock Bottom Erin Brockovich
Rock Hole Reavis Z.Wortham
Rosarito Beach M.A. Lawson
Rosemary and Crime Gail Oust
Rush of Blood Quintin Jardine
Sacrifice Fly Tim O’Mara
Sanctity of Hate Priscilla Royal
Scandal at Six Ann Purser
Scared Stiff Annelise Ryan
Scorpions’ Nest M.J. Trow
Scotched Kaitlyn Dunnett
Second-Hand Stiff Sue Ann Jaffarian
Secret Rage Charlaine Harris
Secretariat Reborn Susan Klaus
Secrets Jane A. Adams
Seeker, The R.B. Chesterton
Semper Fidelis Ruth Downie
Serpent’s Tooth Craig Johnson
Seven Days Deon Meyer
Severe Clear Stuart Woods
Shadow of the Alchemist Jeri Westerson
Shear Murder Nancy Cohen
She’s Leaving Home William Shaw
The Shirt On His Back Barbara Hambly
Shock Wave John Sandford
Shroud of Evil Pauline Rowson
Shunning Sarah Julie Kramer
Silence Jan Costin Wagner
The Silence J. Sydney Jones
Silkworm Robert Galbraith
Silver Stain Paul Johnston
Sinister Sprinklers Jessica Beck
Sixkill Robert B. Parker
Sixth Man David Baldacci
Skein of the Crime Maggie Sefton
Skin Collector Jeffrey Deaver
Slash and Burn Colin Cotterill
Sleeping Partner Madeleine E. Robins
Small Plates Katherine Hall Page
Smarty Bones Carolyn Haines
Smarty Bones Carolyn Haines
Soft Target Stephen Hunter
Solitary House Lynn Shepherd
Spark of Death Bernadette Pajer
Spider Bones Kathy Reichs
Spider in the Cup Barbara Cleverly
Spider Woman’s Daughter Anne Hillerman
Spirit of Steamboat Craig Johnson
Square of Revenge Pieter Aspe
Star of the Sea Joseph O’Connor
Start of Everything Emily Winslow
Steal the Show Thomas Kaufman
Stein, Stung Hal Ackerman
The Stonecutter Camilla Lackberg
Storm Damage Ed Kovacs
Strange Gods Annamaria Alfieri
The Stranger You Seek Amanda Kyle Williams
Stranger, The Camilla Lackberg
Strangers Mary Anna Evans
Strangled in Paris Claude Izner
Strategic Moves Stuart Woods
Street Justice Kris Nelscott
Summer Death Mons Kallentoft
The Surrogate Tania Carver
Suspect Robert Crais
Swift Edge Laura DiSilverio
Swift Run Laura DiSilverio
Tag Man Archer Mayor
Take My Breath Away Martin Edwards
Taken by the Wind Ellen Hart
Tamarack Murders Patrick F. McManus
Target Lancer Max Allan Collins
Taste of Wormwood Keith McCarthy
Teeny Bit of Trouble Michael Lee West
Thankless in Death J.D. Robb
Thing About Thugs Tabish Khair
Those in Peril Fay Sampson
Those Who Love Night Wessel Ebersohn
Thrill of the Haunt E.J. Copperman
Through the Evil Days Julia Spencer-Fleming
Tick Tock James Patterson
Time of Death J. D. Robb
Too Much Stuff Don Bruns
Treasure Hunt Andrea Camilleri
Trick of the Light Louise Penny
Trouble With Charlie Merry Jones
Troubled Man Henning Mankell
True Believers Kurt Andersen
Twelfth Department William Ryan
Twenty-Year Death Ariel S. Winter
Twisted Thread Charlotte Bacon
Two Graves Preston & Child
Under Cold Stone Vicki Delany
Unholy Awakening Michael Gregario
Unseen Karin Slaughter
The Unspoken Heather Graham
USA Noir Johnny Temple, ed.
V is For Vengeance Sue Grafton
Vanishing Point Val McDermid
Veil of Night Linda Howard
Veiled Threat Alice Loweecey
Very Bad Men Harry Dolan
Very Simple Crime Grant Jerkins
Vestal Vanishes Rosemary Rowe
Vigilantes W.E.B. Griffin
Villa of Death Joanna Challis
A Vine in the Blood Leighton Gage
Vultures at Twilight Charles Atkins
W is For Wasted Sue Grafton
Walk With the Dead Sally Spencer
Watching the Dark Peter Robinson
Watching the Dark Peter Robinson
Water Mark J.M. Redman
Wedding Shawl Sally Goldenbaum
Weight of Blood Laura McHugh
Well Offed in Vermont Amy Patricia Meade
What a Ghoul Wants Victoria Laurie
What Darkness Brings C.S. Harris
What the Cat Saw Carolyn Hart
What’s A Witch to Do? Jennifer Harlow
Where The Shadows Lie Michael Ridpath
White Magic Five and Dime Steve Hockensmith
White Shot-Gun April Smith
Wild Hog Murders Bill Crider
With Distinction Edward Cline
With My Little Eye Gerald Hammond
World's Greatest Sleuth Steve Hockensmith
Wyatt Garry Disher
You Cannoli Die Once Shelley Costa
Zero Day David Baldacci
Zero Day David Baldacci
Zero-Degree Murder M.L. Rowland