Gifts and Memorials

Contributions received in November by the Williamsburg Regional Library and the Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation.


Annual Appeal – Avid Reader ($1000-$9999)

  • Anonymous
  • Edward J. Stock (in memory of Betty Stock)

Annual Appeal – Enthusiastic Reader ($250-$999)

  • Lori and Michael Jacobson
  • Kay and John Kane
  • Margaret and Gary Krull
  • Kerry and Peter Mellette
  • Patricia and Ronald Rapoport
  • Shirley G. Roby
  • Elaine M. Themo
  • Virginia and Allan Willey

Annual Appeal – Sincere Reader (up to $249)

  • Raymond A. Adams (in memory of Dennis Cogle)
  • Kelley and Timothy Allison
  • Robert Alpino and Lisa Odabasi (in memory of Jane G.. McGaw)
  • Ruth and David Anderton
  • Alex G. Andrews
  • Martha B. Armstrong 
  • Georgianna and John Avioli
  • Susan and James Axtell
  • Edna M. Baker
  • Linda and Donald Baker
  • Virginia and Richard Bendura
  • Camille and Anthony Berg
  • Johnnie and Adolphus Blair  (In memory of Cathy Brandt)
  • Judith and James Bowers
  • Mary Ann Brendel (in memory of Jack Brendel)
  • William H. Burgoon
  • Mary and Howard Busbee
  • Nancy and Colin Campbell
  • Helen and Lawrence Cardman
  • Nancy and Charles Carney
  • Marilyn and Robert Casey
  • Nancy and Neil Chapin
  • Marcial and Miles Chappell
  • Sherrie and Gordon Chappell (in memory of Aurise Eaton)
  • Linda Chelmow
  • M. Robin Church
  • Martha and Paul Clements
  • Francine and Thomas Contrucci
  • Kyra A. Cook
  • Deborah P. Corky-Corber (in memory of Jack Corber)
  • Lee and Aaron DeGroft
  • Hugh DeSamper and Karin Hogge
  • Lis and  John Doley
  • Sarah and Morton Eckhause
  • Judith Ewell
  • Barbara and Holland Fairchild
  • Anne-Liss and Raymond Flanders
  • Ann Fulford
  • Kim and Kevin Galvin
  • Corinne and Charles Garland
  • Lou W. Gochenour
  • Godspeed Animal Care
  • Amy and Benjamin Goldberg
  • Margaret and Milton Goldberg
  • Channing M. Hall
  • Sally Hancock
  • Loretta and Alden Hannum
  • Pembroke Hoffmier
  • Mannie Houston
  • Noreen and Alan Howard
  • Nancy and Richard Hudson
  • June H. Iannuzzi
  • Elizabeth and Henry Jacobs (In memory of Kenneth Jacobs)
  • Mary Ellen Jewusiak
  • Ann P. Kahn
  • Phoebe and James Kent
  • Bernice and Arthur Kimball
  • Kathy and Fritz Klausner
  • Judith and Stephen Knudson
  • Denise W. Koch
  • Miriam and Wolfgang Koenig
  • Laura E. Kostel
  • Gerry Kruger (In honor of Rheis and Rhyan Granger)
  • Bernice and Chiles Larson
  • Genrose and Don Lashinger
  • Barbara M. Linde (In memory of Clara McLaughin)
  • Tessa and Al Louer
  • Joan and Dan Lovelace
  • Judi and Ken Lownes
  • Elizabeth and Thomas Luckam
  • Evelyn and Edward W. Lull
  • Wendy and Edward Majask
  • Paul Marcus
  • Gail and James McCord
  • Joyce and John McKnight
  • Barbara and Kenneth McLennan
  • Robert F. Morrison
  • Ruth C. Mullaney
  • Ursula J. Murden (in honor of Nelia Hedie and Bob Lamereax)
  • Julie and John Murphy
  • Henry and Martha Myers
  • Sara B. Nelson 
  • Amy and Chris Paschold
  • Marjorie Peterson
  • Beverley and J.R. Pinotti
  • Fran and Arthur Post
  • Susan and Gary Ripple (in honor of Susan Axtell)
  • Caroline and Tim Schellpeper
  • Madeleine and William Schneider
  • Anne and Harlan Schone
  • Donna C. Sheppard
  • Hanni and Richard Sherman
  • Karen and Lawrence Shoberg
  • David Sisk
  • Andi and Eric Smith
  • Laura and Richard Spatz
  • Carolyn and Robert Spencer
  • Dorothy and Paul Spofford
  • Mary E. Swain
  • Ann R. Symroski
  • Rodney B. Taylor  and Jeanne M. Sutherland
  • Bobbye and Philip Thorp (in memory of Bonnie Brown)
  • Jeannie and Scott Trainum
  • Mary L. Voorhess
  • Chiyeko  and Edward Watanabe
  • Mildred B. West 
  • Julia and Clayton Westland
  • Marie and Jim White
  • Lori and Henry Wright
  • Jeanne F. Zeidler and Edward P. Crapol



Alasdair Brady Willey Perpetual Book Fund

  • Morag and Nick Willey



Robert J. and Nanci Oliva Bond Perpetual Book Fund

  • Nanci Bond (annual appeal)


Dennis K. Cogle Perpetual Book Fund

  • Jean Cogle (annual appeal)


Goodrich, Ralbovsky, Roberts Perpetual Book Fund 

  • Rudy Roberts (in memory of Marty Dickerson)


Goldberg Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Betty and Josh Goldberg (in honor of Alexander and Richard's October birthdays) (annual appeal)


Bernhard O. Hougen Perpetual Book Fund

  • Paula J. Hougen


Maxwell B. Houghland Perpetual Book Fund

  • Sarah and Chips Houghland (annual appeal)


Sarah Robards Roberts Perpetual Book Fund

  • Sarah and Chips Houghland (annual appeal)


Dr. George J. Chohany Perpetual Book Fund

  • Gail and Anthony Taylor (annual appeal)


Captain Eric L. Peterson, USN Perpetual Book Fund

  • Priscilla Peterson


Benjamin F. Tillman Perpetual Book Fund

  • Doris and Frank Tillman (annual appeal)


Bernice Vincent Perpetual Book Fund

  • Christine L. Faia (annual appeal)


Max G. Walten, M.D. Perpetual Book Fund

  • Dottie and Jack Gabig (annual appeal)

WRL Gifts and Memorials

In memory of:

  • Nancy Murray from Liz Thompson
  • Oliver, a good dog from Susan and Jim Axtell

Given by:

  • Jill B. Herman-Whitten

Local Authors Project

  • Amber DeVore – My Food Allergies
  • Peter Mellette – Fighting Cancer One Patient at a Time: The Poems of Dr. Susan J. Mellette
  • Sally Stiles – Plunge

In-kind books, videos, etc.

  • Icon Guild of St. Luke , Williamsburg, VA (in memory of Virginia Ann Perry Cox)