Gifts and Memorials

Contributions received in May by the Williamsburg Regional Library and the Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation.


Richard and Isi Dawson Perpetual Book Fund

  • Bertie and Robert DeLorey (in honor of Richard’s birthday)

Katherine Mary Dudley Perpetual Book Fund

  • Lucinda and Wesley Dudley
  • Nanette Schoeder

Goldberg Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Ursula Murden (in honor of Benjamin’s birthday)

Marilyn June Koehler Perpetual Book Fund

  • Kyle, Ursula, and Serena (in honor of Mother’s Day)

Pugh Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Carol and Mark Pugh


In memory of:

  • Dr. Bill Anderson from Martha and Weldon MacDonald
  • Norman Berge from Sandra W. Stephan
  • Martha (Marty) Bland from the Ladies of the Book Club
  • Anne De Gise from Jan Sarmiere and Roanne O’Neill
  • Robert Curtis Leslie, Captain USN from the Litwits Book Club of Ford's Colony
  • Anne Morledge from Joann and Bill Meeks
  • Jon Spinnanger from Sandra W. Stephan
  • Jenny Payne Wilson from Sandra W. Stephan

In honor of:

  • Henry Raymond Gutridge from the Junior Woman’s Club of Williamsburg
  • Amelia Scout Purse from the Junior Woman’s Club of Williamsburg
  • Tristan Kilian Reynolds from the Junior Woman’s Club of Williamsburg
  • Hudson James Schiller from the Junior Woman’s Club of Williamsburg
  • George Russell Trainum from the Junior Woman’s Club of Williamsburg

Given by:

  • Anonymous

Ali Kaplan Memorial Fund

  • Junior Woman’s Club of Williamsburg

Summer Reading

  • Ben and Jerry’s
  • Casey Toyota
  • The Colony Group
  • James Pest Control
  • Parks Orthodontics
  • Retro's Good Eats
  • Williamsburg Eye Care

Local Authors Project

  • Patricia and Brian Dementi – Churchill & Eisenhower Together Again, A Virginia Visit
  • Roger Straight – Suborned by Rhyme Volume 1, Contagion

In-kind books, videos, etc.

  • Retro Daddio