Gifts and Memorials

Contributions received in July by the Williamsburg Regional Library and the Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation.


  • Anne H. Morris

WRL Gifts and Memorials
In memory of:

  • Mary Haldane Coleman from Soroptimist International of Williamsburg
  • Joan H. Goodwin from the Woman’s Club of Williamsburg – GFWC
  • Gene L. Singley from the Woman’s Club of Williamsburg – GFWC
  • Virginia Mae Taylor from Linda and Ron Logerwell

In honor of:

  • Nelia Heide from Ursula Murden

Given by:

  • Meredith and Nathan Altshuler
  • Nancy Daugherty
  • Nikki and James Drake

William H. Sigafoes Memorial Fund

  • Robert B. Sigafoes

Summer Reading

  • A Touch of Earth
  • Cakes by Tawanda
  • Casey Toyota
  • Extraordinary Cupcakes
  • Helen’s Place at Colonial Photography
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Virginia Air & Space Center

Local Authors Project

  • Tim Seaman – Gentle Breeze Beneath the Trees

In-kind books, videos, etc.

  • Beverly Hudson (in honor of Helena Paige Gruss)
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
  • West Point Society of Williamsburg
  • Laurie and John Ziegler (in memory of Tiger and Amelia)