Gifts and Memorials

Contributions received in January by the Williamsburg Regional Library and the Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation.


Annual Appeal – Enthusiastic Reader ($250-$999)

  • Scottie and John Austin (in memory of Susanne Austin)
  • Polly and Gilbert Bartlett
  • Susan Gordon
  • Tatia and Earl Granger
  • Ann and John Milliman
  • Susan and David Pearce (in honor of Elizabeth Foxx)
  • Imogene and Roger Thaler

Annual Appeal – Sincere Reader (up to $249)

  • Anonymous
  • Melissa and D.G. Ackley
  • Jayne Barnard 
  • Barbara Bilderback
  • Charles Brooks
  • Sandra Brooks
  • Pamela and Richard Burke (in memory of Verna M. Shaffer)
  • Edith and Jerry Chutkow
  • Julia and John Curtis
  • Donna Dittman Hale and Theodore Hale
  • Beth and Philip Emerson
  • Victoria and David Gussman
  • June and Cliff Henderson
  • Lisa and John Hewett
  • Paula W. Hoffman
  • Audrey Hoitsma
  • Lois and Paul Howland
  • Joan and Edwin Kelley
  • Barbara and Jack Kniest
  • Sarah and Henry Krakauer
  • Virginia and Jack Lee
  • Lynn and James Majdic
  • Sally and Bringier McConnell
  • Lucille and Lawrence Mozian
  • Karen and Thomas Munzel
  • Genevieve and Brent Owens
  • Leslie Revilock
  • Martha and Tom Rideout
  • Larkin and Daniel Schmidt
  • Joann and Richard Smith


Axtell Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Susan and Jim Axtell
  • Denise Galloway

John and Lisa Ballinger Perpetual Book Fund

  • Julia and John Curtis (annual appeal)

Colonial Italian American Organization Perpetual Book Fund

  • Colonial Italian American Organization

Florence and Robert Croutcher Perpetual Book Fund

  • Jennifer and John Boag (annual appeal)

Katherine Mary Dudley Perpetual Book Fund

  • Barbara and Keith Hanger (annual appeal)

Anne Landis Perpetual Book Fund

  • Star L. Boetthicher

Sadler Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Mary Liz and Sam Sadler (annual appeal)

Herbert and Beverly Spannuth Perpetual Book Fund

  • Herbert and Beverly Spannuth

Neil M. Stevenson Perpetual Book Fund

  • Diane Stevenson (annual appeal)

Truth ● Knowledge ● Vision Perpetual Book Fund

  • Betsy Jo and James Spence (in memory of Thelma K. Viener)

Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation Perpetual Book Fund

  • Jennifer and John Boag (annual appeal)

Ann Yankovich Perpetual Book Fund

  • Kathy and Bruce Hornsby (annual appeal)

WRL Gifts and Memorials
In memory of:

  • Mike Hecker from Martha Boyd, Kathy and Howie Richardson, and Barbara and Charles Soule
  • John McDonald from Wanda and Robert Daniels, John Goral, Alice L. Hamilton, James City County Employees, George Loeslein, Mona Key, and Marjorie L. McDonald
  • Karlheinz Neureuther from Mary and Joerg Neureuther
  • Patricia Pfohl from Penn P. Pfohl
  • Carole Shoemaker from Shirley Guenther, Joseph Price, and Mary Louise Naylor-Zodda
  • Kathleen Small from Aaron Small

In honor of:

  • Ann Mebert from Carolyn Mebert
  • Vicky Pedigo from Susan and Richard Nelson
  • Rollin Shoemaker from Joseph Price
  • Karen Small from Aaron Small

Given by:

  • Anonymous
  • Williamsburg Bird Club

Local Authors Project

  • Victor E. Flango – Reimagining Courts, A Design for the Twenty-First Century
  • Charles McKay – Smart Real Estate Deals in the Bank Bailout Era and Beyond
  • Richard B. Sherman – The Case of Odell Waller and Virginia Justice

In-kind books, videos, etc.

  • Robert “Bob” M. Johnston from Peggy Johnston