Gifts and Memorials

Contributions received in October by the Williamsburg Regional Library and the Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation.



John and Lisa Ballinger Perpetual Book Fund

  • Morag and Nick Willey (in honor of Lisa)

John E. Edwards Perpetual Book Fund

  • Addy Edwards

Goldberg Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Amy and Benjamin Goldberg (in honor of Richard and Alexander’s birthdays)

Bernice Vincent Perpetual Book Fund

  • Deborah and Thomas Braciszewski

WRL Gifts and Memorials

In memory of:

  • Robert D. Corrie from the Middle Plantation Club
  • Ruth Ennis from Barbara Littepage, Dix Littlepage, and Judy Nauman
  • Alasdair and Elsie Macneill, Andrew and Flora Macneill, Duncan and Sheena Soudan, and Alasdair Brady Willey from Morag and Nick Willey
  • Mrs. Hannah “Anna” Scully from Paul ad Cela Schmidt
  • Warren Stansbury from Sandra W. Stephan
  • James Thomassen from Sandra W. Stephan

Local Authors Project

  • Charles E. Bush – A Bush Family Genealogy: Adventures in the New World (1622-2014)
  • Donna Kendall – Travels with Old Befana
  • Donna Kendall – Stitch-A-Story
  • Donna Kendall – Uncle Charlie’s Soup
  • Deborah Jane Wells – Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life

In-kind books, videos, etc.

  • Pamela Bay Marostica
  • Beverly and Herb Spannuth
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America