Gifts and Memorials

Contributions received in July by the Williamsburg Regional Library and the Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation.


Annual Appeal

Enthusiastic Reader

  • Drake Family Foundation

Ann Yankovich Perpetual Book Fund

  • Drake Family Foundation (annual appeal)

WRL Gifts and Memorials

In memory of:

  • John Alden from Janet Crowther
  • Anne Morledge from Sallie and Joseph Cross
  • Bernard Pendleton Wood from Holly and Skip Yohe

In honor of:

  • Nelia Lamoureaux from Ursula Murden

Given by:

  • Gamma Chi Williamsburg Chapter
  • Rotary Club of Williamsburg

William H. Sigafoes Memorial Fund

  • Robert B. Sigafoes

Summer Reading

  • Anonymous
  • Cakes by Tawanda
  • Dairy Queen
  • Go-Karts Plus
  • IHOP
  • Nauticus
  • Traditional Golf  Properties
  • Williamsburg KOA Resorts
  • Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop

Local Authors Project

  • Warren Bell – Asphalt and Blood: A Novel of Seabees in Vietnam
  • Jack Christian – The Perplexed Christian’s Guide to the Jewish Quandary
  • Ron Savage – Saving Face
  • Ron Savage – Scar Keeper