Percival Bisland Legacy Society

Percival Bisland Legacy Society Membership

The Percival Bisland Legacy Society is a list of those who have named the Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation (WRLF) as the beneficiary of any type of planned gift and who choose to be listed. The dual purpose of the Society is to recognize your generous support and to encourage others to make similar gifts.

  • We recommend that you discuss any planned gifts with your family, loved ones and advisors as may be appropriate.


  • Percival Bisland Legacy Society members may designate their future gifts, or may leave gift designation to the discretion of the WRLF Board of Directors. A Society gift may be used to establish a new fund (if size requirements are met) or may be added to any of the Foundation’s existing funds.


  • We do not ask how much is being left to the Foundation. We encourage donors to discuss their gifts with us to make sure we can comply with their wishes, but this is not mandatory.


  • We do appreciate receiving a copy of any document(s) that support the action you have taken to benefit the WRLF.


  • Gifts supporting the WRLF will ensure our continued and future ability to support the Williamsburg Regional Library’s mission.