Perpetual Book Fund List

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Fund Name Honor or Memory Topic
 Alan, Asher, Barbara and Annetta honor Children's books
 Axtell Family honor Library's discretion
Ann A. Baker honor Children's books
John and Lisa Ballinger memory Young adult fiction books on CD and e-audio books
J. Worth Banner memory Chase's Annual Events
Wayne S. Barrett memory Art books, history, juvenile fiction, picture books and sports
Nina Z. Bell memory General fiction
 Joann M. Bierenbaum memory  Mysteries
Robert J. and Nanci Oliva Bond honor Journalism, history and cultural arts
J. "Pat" Callaghan memory Sports, especially football and golf
Dr. Louis E. Catron, Professor of Theatre Emeritus, College of William and Mary
memory Fiction and theatre. All appropriate formats
Dr. George J. Chohany memory Medicine
Dennis K. Cogle memory Materials about celebrities (movie stars, directors, etc.) and/or general library materials
Donald A. Collard memory Children's mysteries or historical fiction series
Colonial Italian American Organization honor DVDs or books about Italian and/or Italian American literature, history, music, art, culture, travel, dance, cinema, theatre, architecture, cuisine, design (autos, fashion, furniture, etc). DVDs or books written by or about Italians and/or Italian Americans
Florence and Robert Croutcher memory Natural sciences
Maria E. Compton memory Non-fiction and children's books
Richard and Isi Dawson honor United States, European and Canadian Travel. Book or DVDS acceptable
Martha "Marty" DeWelt honor History or genealogy. All appropriate materials formats are acceptable
Robert L. DeWelt honor History, autobiography, or genealogy
Andrew Carver Diakun memory   Books published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth, books in the Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 Series
Duane and Douglas Dittman memory Audio books
Katherine Mary Dudley memory Children's books
Nancy Webster Dutro memory Elementary school level books
John W. Edwards memory History , travel, and NASA
Jerry T. Faubion memory Business
A. Z. Freeman memory Chamber Music and British Medievel history
Mary Lou Geddy memory British mysteries and roses/gardening materials
Goldberg Family honor Musical show and soundtrack compact discs
Govern/Hansel Family honor Golf
Goodrich/Ralbovsky/Roberts memory/honor Mysteries
Brenda H. Greene memory General library materials
Granger Family honor History, baseball, fiction, writing, area history, large print
John B. Guess memory Alaska and animals
Keith E. Hanger honor Children's books
Patsy J. Hansel honor Gardening
Captain B. Clifford Hart, USN memory Items purchased for the Reference Department
Walter J. Heide memory Geography, 20th century history and Civil War history
Heritage Humane Society honor Materials on animals (domestic and wild) for all ages
Walter B. Horne memory Aviation, World War II and archeology
Bernhard O. Hougen memory History and biography
Maxwell B. Houghland memory Gardening
James City County/Williamsburg Master Gardeners honor Horticulture
Janson Family honor History and biography
Dorothy de Matteo Jay memory Health and women's issues
Marilyn June Koehler memory Children's books (with special disabilities) and geography 
Anne Landis memory Current, unabridged materials for the visually impaired (large print, audio books, etc.)
Large Print Books honor Large print books
Joanne M. Larsen memory Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy fiction
Susanne and Beau Lendman honor Non-fiction Middle East subjects
Frank T. Lendrim memory Current and historical biographies and/or music
Library Little One honor Children's books
James Livingston Family honor Nonfiction books in the fields of history and art history, both for children and adults
Marjorie Saunders Magruder memory Library's discretion
John F. Maloney memory History
John J. and Margaret L. Maloney memory Large Print books
Virginia F. Maner memory Mysteries (printed, books-on-CD or high-end, accurate to original text mysteries on DVD)
Jane Matthews memory  Books on classical musicians, composers, drama, literature, biographies of same
Walter G. and Betty C. McDonald memory International business and/or travel
Robert Paden Miller, Jr. memory Children's books about sports or history
Marjorie Mikula memory Gardening and/or educational materials relating to gardening
Betty W. Mott memory Cooking, bridge, or mysteries
John Mullaney memory Christian writings or psychology with a spiritual bent
Judy and Bill Murden honor International relations
Robert and Ursula Murden honor Peace
Sarah Noble honor Children's picture books
Thomas K. Norment, Jr. honor History and government
Rosa H. Park memory American crafts, including quilting and sewing
Parkany Family honor Current events and biography, with an
emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries, with additional coverage to include music history and cookbooks
Elizabeth C. Parker honor General library materials
Mark Randall Pepper memory Classic children's and young adult books, ALA award winners, Jefferson Cup award winners (including honor books), or Jewish books. Emphasis on printed materials, however, supports audio books also
Captain Eric L. Peterson, USN honor U.S. Navy, U.S. History/Civil War, Civil war Fiction, Biographies of Notable Americans in Government, Biographies American History
Rosemary Carraher Phalen - Thomas D. Phalen honor Biography with a positive uplifting message, geared toward grades 5 through 12
Pugh Family honor Biography, history, religious studies
Sally Robards Roberts memory Contemporary fiction
Sadler Family honor Juvenile/Young Adult literature
Mrs. Hattie Sasser memory African-American culture
Judith L. Schrag
memory Children's materials. All appropriate formats
Roger Durand Sherman memory Arts, especially theater, dance and photography
Herbert and Beverly Spannuth memory Children's and Young Adult Nonfiction educational materials about nature, conservation, preservation of wildlife, ecology, or related topics
Neil M. Stevenson memory Non-fiction and fiction history, biography and naval topics
Cecile Stierli memory History
Bonita K. Stockmeyer memory Travel
Benjamin F. Tillman memory Large print materials (primary) and books on CD (secondary)
Ivan and Rebecca Tomes memory History and genealogy
Pauline G. Totty memory Historical novels, mysteries or gardening
Truth - Knowledge - Vision honor Intellectually stimulating biographical or autobiographical materials about ordinary or extraordinary individuals who lead or led interesting, meaningful lives, often resulting in a lasting impact on society or a significant cultural contribution.
Bernice Vincent memory Historical novels
Max G. Walten, M.D. memory Children's books
Weavers of the Word honor Storytelling and developing performing talents, such as  managing a career, developing stage presence or vocal ability,  working with multi-media, and other areas that might enhance both a  storyteller's work and that of other performers.
Alasdair Brady Willey memory Graphic novels
Williamsburg Community Health Fdn honor Biannual update of the Funding Research Center and annual purchase of the Chronicle of Philanthropy
Williamsburg Regional Library Fdn. Board honor Books of local interest
Williamsburg Regional Library Staff honor Personal and professional development
Lewis Williamson memory History
Ann Yankovich memory

 Southern writing