Doorways, Thresholds, & Passages

Steve Prince, Imani Prince and middle school students from the 2016 Cultural Arts Experience
Mixed media

In July 2016, the Muscarelle Museum of Art hosted its fourth annual Cultural Arts Experience (CAE) as part of its continued partnership with the Greater Williamsburg Women’s Association (GWWA). Each summer, CAE provides an opportunity for children to engage with African American cultural heritage through art, dance, and literature in fun and exciting ways.

This past summer, thirty students from local middle schools explored the theme of Doorways, Thresholds, & Passages through a week of engaging in various art forms, such as sketching, painting, dancing, music and poetry. Visiting art instructors, Steve Prince and his daughter, Imani Prince taught the students throughout the week. Steve Prince is an Artist-in-Residence, Assistant Professor of Art and Black Studies at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. He has created several public works and received numerous honors for his art and scholarship. Prince is represented by Eyekons Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Zucot Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, and co-owner of One Fish Studio, LLC.

Together they studied the work of important artists, John Biggers, Frida Kahlo, Betye Saar, and Kerry James Marshall. The students then created a signature work to symbolize passing through the doorways of life, which was displayed on the last day of the program.


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