The Battle of Lake Erie

This sixty-minute slide program details Oliver Hazard Perry's pivotal naval victory over a British fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie, fought on September 10, 1813 during the War of 1812. 

This illustrated program by Gerry Altoff, retired Chief Ranger and Historian at Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial places the battle in perspective through background information on America's involvement in the war, the campaigns of the war in the Old Northwest, and the events at Erie, Pa., including both building and manning the U.S. fleet.  The program focuses on the complex naval engagement itself, including the problems experienced by both the American and British commanders, the quest for tactical advantage, the tactical complexities of the battle, the controversial maneuvers of the Brig Niagara, and personal vignettes of involved individuals.  The program concludes with a brief follow-up on the political and military implications of Perry's crucial victory on Lake Erie.


Room: Theatre