Centuries of Art @ Your Library • POP Art: Blurring Boundaries

Series: Centuries of Art@Your Library

POP Art: Blurring Boundaries

Lulan YuAdult Programs Coordinator, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

“It was hard to get a painting that was despicable enough so that no one would hang it—everybody was hanging everything . . The one thing everyone hated was commercial art; apparently, they didn’t hate that enough either.” Roy Lichtenstein.

Pop Art brought mass culture into museums and galleries in the early 1960s, radically changing the course of art by eliminating the boundary between “high” culture and everyday life.   This talk surveys the American Pop Art movement, highlighting artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claus Oldenburg, Ed Ruscha, Tom Wesselmann and Marjorie Strider.

Now in its 11th season, Centuries of Art @ Your Library is a partnership between This Century Art Gallery, Williamsburg Regional Library and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA).  These programs have been organized by VMFA Statewide and are supported by the Paul Mellon Endowment.



Room: Theatre