Centuries of Art @ Your Library - Photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue

Series: Centuries of Art@Your Library

An Album of a Century: Photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue

Jeffrey Allison, Paul Mellon Collection Educator, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

French photographer and painter Jacques-Henri Lartigue (1894-1986), is most famous for his stunning photos of automobile races, planes and fashionable Parisian women from the turn of the century. This lecture explores Lartigue’s photographs from his first sincere, often playful presentation of friends, family and French society made as early as age six to his later day fashion layouts and portraits.

Note:  this talk replaces the previously scheduled 'Sacred Symbols in Ancient Egypt' 

Centuries of Art @ Your Library is a partnership between This Century Art Gallery, Williamsburg Regional Library and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA).  These programs have been organized by the Office of Statewide Partnerships of the VMFA and are supported by the Paul Mellon Endowment.


Room: Theatre