Constitutional Conversations

Series: Constitutional Conversations

"Constitutional Conversations," the award-winning nine-month long examination of our nation’s founding document begins this month the breakout sessions for adults and students.

The adult section will address the history and development of the United States Constitution -- What gave rise to this powerful document?  How has it managed to endure for more than two centuries?  In October’s workshop, we will talk about the intellectual origins of the U.S. Constitution as well as some of the criticism it has faced through the years.

The middle and high school section will discuss judicial power – Where does it come from? We will discuss how judicial power was allocated by the U.S. Constitution, where that power comes from, and how it has adapted over the years.

Constitutional Conversations is presented by the Institute of Bill of Rights Law at the William and Mary Law School, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and Williamsburg Regional Library.  The Virginia Public Library Directors Association awarded it the Best Cooperative Program with Other Libraries or Agencies for 2010.  

Advance registration for this free program is not required.  

Read an article about how Constitutional Conversations came about.


Room: Theatre