Coyote Run

Series: Dewey Decibel Concerts

These are the band's final two performances at the Williamsburg Library.  Read more about it here.

Touring the country, Coyote Run presents sweeping soundscapes in concert halls, earthy celtic vibes at highland festivals, and rollicking good times at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Now join them as they return home to the Williamsburg Library Theatre to engage the audience in story after story, whisking them away to march side by side with Joan of Arc, or to roll out the guns against Sir Francis Drake, invade the French city of Calais, snatch back a faerie abductee, or witness the cruelty of a witch trial in colonial Virginia. The stories are rich and compelling, the melodies are memorable and at once manage to be both familiar and original. Tight harmonies and soaring vocals telling tales from legend, history and myth are the hallmark of this band. Come and experience the magic that is Coyote Run!

Tickets now on sale at the Williamsburg Library's Program Services desk or by phone at (757) 259-4070:

$16 adults • $14 Friends of WRL and students • $8 under 16

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Room: Theatre