Occidental Gypsy

Series: Dewey Decibel Concerts

Occidental Gypsy is pioneering the idea of "Neo-Gypsy" music, blending the sound and spirit of gypsy music with the western (occidental) music that we grew up with and love here in America. Their mélange of uptempo, high-energy rhythms of Gypsy, melded with the catchy melodic hooks of Pop delivers a thrilling auditory experience to listeners. 

Occidental Gypsy’s unique approach to pop, jazz, and dance music stems from the influence of Gypsy Swing founders, Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli. The members of the group possess a deep knowledge and reverence for the Gypsy style and feel honored to bring their music to the ears of new audiences. And now, with an ever-growing list of performances, and presence online through website and social networking pages, Occidental Gypsy's fan base is constantly expanding.

The name Occidental Gypsy (Western gypsy) embodies the concept behind Gypsy Pop. The group has taken the Gypsy sound that originated in Eastern Europe and brought it Over Here to blend it seamlessly with contemporary American music. Interestingly, Gypsy Swing was created by taking American Jazz to the East and blending it with the Gypsy Folk tradition. Now almost a century later Occidental Gypsy is bringing the music back home.

Tickets • Call 757.259.4070 to reserve:

  • $15 for adults
  • $13 for Friends of WRL and students
  • $8 for those under 17



Room: Theatre