Secretariat’s Meadow: The Land, The Family, The Legend

The Meadow is a storied piece of land nestled along the North Anna River in central Virginia’s Caroline County.  Founded in 1805 as a working farm, it endured the Civil War and the Great Depression to be transformed by visionary horseman Christopher Chenery into an “empire built on broodmares.” His indomitable daughter, Penny, would save the farm from the auction block, and from those fabled fields sprang the immortal Triple Crown champion Secretariat.

Leeanne Meadows Ladin, co-author of Secretariat’s Meadow – The Land, The Family, The Legend, will share the saga of this timeless land, the family who loved it, and the great red stallion who carried their dreams into the realm of legend.   As the new equine director of The Meadow Event Park, she will also illustrate how the farm’s historic legacy lives on in the 21st century.  Through her artful use of exclusive family photos, lively narrative and video clips of Secretariat’s iconic races, you, too will walk in the hoofprints of history.

A book signing and reception will follow the presentation.

Ms. Ladin will be introduced by Victoria Racimo of Palomino Entertainment Group, who organized this program.


Room: Theatre