Through the Eye of a Naturalist

As Master Naturalists, this group is always involved in outdoor volunteer activities that allow them to play in the mud, paddle in swamps and rivers and blaze new trails in the woodlands.   For the last three years, Ted Sargent has lead one of the chapter's "artistic" events where members submit their favorite photos to be judged professionally and by their peers.  There are 18 contest photos, and 13 other photos and artwork on display by Felice Bond, Jim Booth, Inge Curtis, Bill Davis, Hart Haynes, Patty Maloney, Kathi Mestayer, Mike Millen, Linda C. Miller, Jeanette Navia, Ted Sargent, John Shoosmith and Mary Turnbull.

1st Place Fauna:  Reflect on This by Felice Bond
American Bullfrog
Lithobates catesbeianus


Room: Gallery