Kelly Seeber Art Exhibit

Kelly Seeber Art Exhibit

Kelly Seeber is an abstract artist from San Francisco Bay, now living and working in Williamsburg, Virginia. Kelly challenges the boundaries of traditional methods and materials, often utilizing acrylics, India inks, enamel, and graffiti markers to create her unique works.

Kelly is continuously exploring new ways of creating art and her aesthetic style has spanned from urban, text-based works, to energetic and playful abstractions. Her latest works are sophisticated and pared down to allow details such as textural elements, color, and materials to take center stage.

Kelly's latest exhibit will be in the beautiful Stryker Center Exhibit Space in Williamsburg, VA; it is her largest show yet.

Kelly was recently awarded the prestigious Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship (2017-2018). Her work was recently featured in Coastal Virginia Magazine (Jan/Feb 2017), and previously in local magazines and newspapers. Kelly is a member of the Hillyer Art Space, The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Williamsburg Center for Contemporary Art. Her art can be found in local businesses, as well as residences in California, Virginia, Texas, and Washington D.C.

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