What our users have to say

"My disability may limit me but I can continue to be a life-long learner and travel around the world...with wonderful materials and books from the library 's homebound program.  This is just the most awesome service."

"Our residents so look forward to the library’s monthly circulation stop and outreach programming that nothing, not even bingo, can interfere with the library’s time slot.”   -- Activity Director at an adult care center.

"...You are so helpful to Mom with the titles you bring her . It's very seldom that you bring one she doesn't care for...and that's saying something!"

"You have added so much joy to a life that could be depressing.  My not being able to read anymore (my greatest joy) could have been a disaster.  I know you do a professional job but you add SO much more." -- Homebound user

"I love going to pick out a book [on the van]!" -- Preschooler

"Read another one!" -- Preschooler during story time

"You make it possible for us to have books and movies, since we don’t drive anymore." -- Assisted living resident, 92

"It’s hard for me to get to the library and everyone here looks forward to the day you come." -- Assisted living resident, 89

"It’s really wonderful that you come out here for people like me who can’t get to the library." -- Resident in a neighborhood