The Wheel of Reading

The Wheel of Reading Program has ended for 2014.  If you turned in your reading log by the August 3 deadline, you may pick up your prize between Monday, August 11 and Sunday, September 7.  Congratulations to all of our Wheel of Reading participants!



Children entering grade 6 through 12 who live in Williamsburg, James City or York counties. Those who are ineligible to enroll in the reading program are invited to enjoy all of our other summer programs.


Enroll at the library and obtain a reading log.  Please bring your library card with you to enroll. Record the books you read on the log. When you come to the library, spin the wheel! Spins are calculated separately for each book and are as follows: One spin per book OR one spin per 100 pages.

Up to 10 spins each week


You may spin from 10:30 a.m. until 30 minutes before the library closes. 
Enrollment starts:  June 9  Please bring your library card with you to enroll.
Spinning starts:  June 23 and ends August 3

Prize pickup begins Monday August 11 and ends Sunday, September 7.

You must turn your reading log in by 5 pm August 3 in order to be eligible for a prize!


You may participate at only one of the following locations: 
Williamsburg Library
James City County Library, or the
Williamsburg Regional Library Mobile Library Services.

What you can win?

Readers can earn gift cards, with the denomination depending on the amount of library money earned.
Everyone with at least $50,000 will receive ONE prize.

$50,000 - 499,999
$10 Target or Barnes & Noble gift Card

$20 Target or Barnes & Noble gift card

$1,000,000 and up (Million Dollar Club)
$30 Target or Barnes & Noble gift card

Participants may choose, instead, to enter a silent auction bid for other prizes.  If you are outbid, you will receive a gift card.