A vibrant, engaging area that focuses on the twin literacy skills of reading and play.

Many thanks to our generous donors who made this project possible.

check out these amazing interactives
Air tubes in Idea Studio


awesome air tubes

Fun with air pressure doesn’t get any better than this! Place a ball into the inlet boxes and watch as it spirals through 50 feet of clear tubing and finally shoots out of the exit hole above. Catch it and do it again!


ball wall

A large assortment of magnetic tracks, chutes, tubes, spinners, and other amazing features provide you with the tools for a truly memorable experience.

Ball wall in Idea Studio
Pixel Pegs in Idea Studio


pixel pegs

Share your inner artistic ability with this giant light bright style wall. The super bright, LED backlighting is completely blocked from leaking through unused openings thanks to a small, auto-closing flap behind each hole.


gear wall

This interactive is designed around an extremely important educational concept, fun. The colorful and sturdy gears provide an open and playful environment to create your own experiments and challenges while learning about the power and function of simple machines.

Gear wall in Idea Studio
Interactive floor in Idea Studio


interactive floor

Take fun to a whole new level with this unique interactive experience. Step, stomp, and jump your way through games and puzzles.


giant tablet table

Educational tablet experiences just got a lot bigger with this huge table. And the fun doesn’t stop with just one person. Up to 4 children can join in on the fun in a number of games and puzzles.

Giant tablet table in Idea Studio
The Play Village
Pet Vet

Use your imagination to help all the animals in this play space. Furnished by Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital this area features dozens of stuffed animals, an examination table, veterinarian tools, and real x-rays. 


In this fun space, furnished by Publix Super Market, you can run the cash register or buy all the groceries you need. There is a tiny bakery, fruits and veggies section, and a dry goods area. Grab a shopping cart, pick out your groceries,  and fill it up. 

Play House
play house

There is so much to do in this house furnished by Carolina Furniture Company. Pretend to be a firefighter, chef, astronaut, police officer, construction worker, or make up your own occupation and play together in this fun space.

Reading nook
Comfortable reading nooks

Grab your favorite book and settle into one of the 5 reading nooks around the room.