With our new self-checkout and self- pick up of holds system, we are giving you more control than ever over your account and who has access to it.

Would it be easier for you if a family member picked up your holds? Do you want to give a family friend the ability to pick up a DVD for you? Now you can!

Here are the options for giving someone else access to your account:
  1. Bring the family member’s library card or have their number written down.
  2. Download the Williamsburg Regional Library app and store all of your family’s barcodes for easy check-out and account access.
Please note:
  • The old permissions no longer apply with our new system.
  • Hold items will only check out on the requestor’s account, so please have their card number available.
  • Sharing your barcode means giving full access to your account and all information stored there. You are responsible for any items checked out on your account.