1. Solicitation for contributions:

A. No solicitation will be permitted in library facilities, except for the following:

I. Organizations or individuals may solicit the attendees of their meetings, but only within the confines of their reserved meeting room.

II. The Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library Foundation may solicit in library facilities.

B. Solicitation shall mean the request or appeal, directly or indirectly, oral or written, for any contribution, whether such contribution is intended to be charitable, for profit, or in exchange for the provision of a good or service. Furthermore, solicitation shall be deemed to occur when the request is made, at the place the request is received, whether or not the person making the same actually receives any contribution.

  1. Petitioning

A. No petitions may be presented for signature within library facilities.

B. Individuals conforming to local ordinances have the right to solicit signatures for petitions outside of the library facilities so long as they do not hinder library users in any form or fashion.

(Approved as amended by WRL Board of Trustees December 7, 2011.  Reaffirmed by WRL Board of Trustees May 27, 2015, Approved as amended June 27, 2018, Reaffirmed September 22, 2021.)