Williamsburg Regional Library Strategic Plan – 2011-2014
Project Proposal

Since 2001, the Williamsburg Regional Library has operated under the guidance of a strategic plan. The first plan covered the years 2001-2005. The second plan covered the years 2006-2010.

The 2008 Strategic Plan Review was a detailed examination of all aspects of the 2006-2010 Strategic Plan. In its final report, the review committee made recommendations in each section for items to be addressed in the next plan, as well as concerns that need to be addressed during the remaining time of the plan.

Library administration has implemented new programs and projects to address recommendations made in the 2008 Strategic Plan Review. These include the development and implementation of communication vehicles such as “Notes from John”, “Meandering with Moorman” and the development of the LEAD Forum to respond to staff concerns with participation and input into library operations. The web page redevelopment project under the leadership of Janet Crowther and Barry Trott addresses the need to update our public presence on the Internet. Once this project is complete in 2010, the Library will proceed with the development of a comprehensive public relations plan that incorporates our new web presence.

The Williamsburg Regional Library Strategic Plan, unlike that of many institutions, is a living document that is used as a part of daily library operations. Proposals for new programs or services are examined in light of plan requirements before being considered for approval. Current programs and services are prioritized and continually reviewed in light of changing economic, social, and cultural changes within our service area. The Plan is regularly evaluated and adjusted based upon these evaluations. Thus, there is not a need for a major redevelopment of the Library’s Strategic Plan.

As accurate census data for our service area will not be available until late in 2011 at the earliest, it is recommended that the current WRL Strategic Plan be extended to cover 2011.

Beginning in 2011 it is recommended that the following time line be followed in developing a plan for the years 2012-2014. With on-going societal change, continued economic uncertainty, and rapid technological advances it is unwise to have a Strategic Plan that covers more than a three year period.

Project Timeline

December 2010

Establish a 5 member Strategic Plan Development Committee composed of library staff, representatives from library board and support organizations. to evaluate results of staff surveys and examine plan assumptions.

January 2011 – September 2011

The Strategic Plan Development Committee conducts and evaluates staff and public surveys, examines current plan assumptions and, using the current plan as a base document, develops a new strategic plan draft.

October 2011

Strategic Plan Draft presented to Board of Trustees.

November 2011

Final Strategic Plan Document presented to Board of Trustees

January 2012

Plan adopted by Board of Trustees

Submitted to WRL Board of Trustees
April 22, 2009
John A. Moorman
Library Director

Approved by the Williamsburg Regional Library Board of Trustees April 22, 2009.