Art will be ready to pick up from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday at the Stryker Center until Friday, April 28. If you cannot come during business hours, please email Rob Haas at rhaas@wrl.org to schedule a pickup time.

WRL Youth Art Show 2023 Results

Best in Show: Mei-Li Chin

Middle School

1st place: Sydney Alexander

2nd place: Carly Watkins

High School

1st place: Kaydence Shore

2nd place: Haley James

High School Honorable Mention:

James Sparshott

Hannah Coleman

Cameron Walton

Vision Prestlow

Elissa Neenan

Faith Stumpf

Aiden Luke

Samara Johnson

Katelyn Workman

Isabelle Lemons

Michelle Schroeder Ramos

Middle School Honorable Mention:

Riley Yu

Tate Conner

Orrin Chapman

Ashley Carter

Natalie Tuggle

Special thanks to the Friends of WRL for supporting this program