African-American Popular Fiction

African-American fiction has exploded onto the publishing scene as a huge market that was untapped until relatively recent years. Now, even new authors are finding their books in print each month. The library has classic books by African American authors, and also a growing number of books by younger authors with a fresh, modern outlook. This list will help you get started with some lesser-known modern African American authors. These are just a few of many titles. If you need help finding any of these books or would like other African American fiction, please ask at the Reference Desk.   

Ansa, Tina McElroy fiction with humor and mysticism
Berry, Bertice Redemption Song is a serious novel from comedy writer Berry
Bland, Eleanor Taylor mystery series featuring Marti MacAllister, black, female police detective
Briscoe, Connie romance and sista'hood
Cary, Lorene fiction, sometimes issue-oriented
Channer, Colin romance with beautiful imagery
Cleage, Pearl Oprah book author
Coleman, Evelyn mysteries
Copeland, Sheila Chocolate Star - good storytelling
Datcher, Michael Raising Fences: a Black Man's Love Story
DeBerry, Virginia Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made and other satisfying fiction
Dickey, Eric Jerome popular male author of Friends and Lovers, Liar's Game, Cheaters and other titles
Due, Tananarive science fiction
Elam, Patricia Breathing Room
Files, Lolita romance and sista'hood
Foster, Sharon Ewell fiction with a spiritual side
Gunn, Gay sensuous love stories
Harris, E.Lynn popular male writer with a different twist
Hayes, Hunter Shoes on the Otha' Foot - novel about choices in love
Haynes, David gentle comedies about middle-class Black life
Hill, Donna light romance, mostly shelved in paperback
Jackson, Sheneska believable characters, real-life stories
Jackson-Opoku, Sandra absorbing characters
James, Breggie Sister Secrets
Jenkins, Beverly historical romance
Joe, Yolanda modern romance with lots of comedy
Johnson-Hodge, Margaret inspiring, real-life novels where characters deal with self-acceptance
Lamar, Jake mystery
Little, Benilde Good Hair
Major, Marcus stories about friendship from a young, black male perspective
Mallette, Gloria Shades of Jade - a novel about letting your friends know too much
McCann, Timmothy Forever- a novel about a newly married couple whose love is challenged
McFadden, Bernice touching stories, realistic situations
Mitchell, Sharon Sheer Necessity
Neely, Barbara Blanche on the Lam - Blanche is an unlikely sleuth in a quirky mystery series
Peterson, Brian Move Over Girl - coming of age for a young, Black college man
Rice, Patty vibrant novels about love and letting go of the past
Schunk, Laurel mystery combined with spirituality
Souljah, Sister Coldest Winter Ever - a novel about family life 
Spencer, Camika fun, light novels
Thomas, Trisha Nappily Ever After - novel of self-discovery and Black beauty myths
Tramble, Nichelle The Dying Ground - described as "hip hop noir"
Tyree, Omar popular male writer
Weber, Carl Lookin' For Luv - romantic comedy
Wesley, Valerie Wilson mysteries featuring an ex-Newark cop - turned P.I., Tamara Hayle
Whitfield, Van romantic comedy from the young, Black male point of view
Williams, Robyn Twist of Fate - novel with drama, romance and suspense