Cat Mysteries

Ongoing Mystery Series Featuring Cats:

Adamson, Lydia M ADAMSON
Amateur Sleuth, Cozy, Lighthearted, Humorous
Alice Nestleton is an actress and part-time cat sitter in New York, NY. Different cats are featured in each mystery in the series. Cats feature prominently in the mysteries’ plots but do not actually do the "sleuthing." Titles include Cat on the Bus, Cat with no Clue, and A Cat Named Brat.

Allen, Garrison M ALLEN
Amateur Sleuth, Cozy, Humorous
Penelope Warren is an ex-marine bookstore owner in Empty Creek, Arizona. The town, and the stories, are peppered with eccentric characters. Mycroft, or "Big Mike," is Penelope’s 25-lb. Abyssinian cat who accompanies her on her sleuthing pursuits. Although he is not actively involved in solving the mysteries, Big Mike contributes to the stories through his shrewd, catly observations. Titles include Royal Cat, Dinosaur Cat and Baseball Cat.

Babson, Marian M BABSON
Amateur Sleuths, English, Cozy
Babson writes English cat capers featuring different human characters and cats in each story. Cats are important to the plots but don’t actively participate in the mystery-solving. Titles include Diamond Cat, Canapes for Kitties, and The Cat Next Door.

Braun, Lilian Jackson M BRAUN
Amateur Sleuth, Cozy
The well-known Cat Who . . . mysteries feature Jim Qwilleran, journalist and heir to a fortune in Pickax, a fictional town "north of everywhere." His feline companions are two Siamese named Koko and Yum Yum. The cats’ antics serve as a backdrop for the action, and Koko’s keen intelligence always helps Qwilleran solve the case. Eccentric characters and capers abound.

Brown, Rita Mae (and Sneaky Pie) M BROWN
Amateur Sleuth, Cozy
Mary Minor Haristeen ("Harry") is post-mistress and amateur sleuth in Crozet, Virginia. Her two cats, Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and her Corgi, Tucker, are regulars, and a host of other animals are often featured. With their ability to talk to each other and to use their superior (to human) intelligence, the animals are active in protecting their mistress and solving the mystery.

Douglas, Carole Nelson M DOUGLAS
Amateur Sleuth (human) and Private Eye (cat), Humorous, "Noir," Romance
Temple Barr is a public relations freelancer in Las Vegas, NV. Midnight Louie is a hard-boiled, womanizing black tomcat who is really the star of the series. Chapters alternate from third-person narration to first-person from Louie’s point of view. The author has called Midnight Louie "Sam Spade with hairballs." Titles include Cat in a Midnight Choir, Cat in a Leopard Spot, and Cat in a Kiwi Con.

Douglas, Carole Nelson M DOUGLAS
Feline Private Eye, Humorous, "Noir," Romance
Douglas introduced Midnight Louie on his own in a quartet of romantic suspense novels. Louie’s stomping grounds and scenes-of-crimes are a casino in Las Vegas, NV. Titles are The Cat and the King of Clubs, The Cat and the Queen of Hearts, The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds, and The Cat and the Jack of Spades.

Friedman, Kinky M FRIEDMAN
Private Eye, Cat Lover, Humorous
Kinky Friedman is a former country singer turned private investigator in New York, NY. He is funny, irreverent, vulgar, sexist and a cat lover. There is usually a cat featured as part of the plot or as a backdrop for Friedman’s sleuthing activities, but the cats are not integral to solving the mysteries. Titles include Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, Stepping on a Rainbow, and Spanking Watson.

Lockridge, Frances and Richard M LOCKRIDGE
Amateur Sleuth, Cozy
This series featuring Jerry North, a book publisher in New York City, and his wife Pam, began in the 1930's and ended in the 60's with the death of Frances Lockridge. Different cats were introduced over the years but the three Siamese Martini, Gin and Sherry became familiar characters.

Marshall, Evan M MARSHALL
Amateur Sleuth, Cozy
Jane Stuart is a widow, mother of a young son, and owner of a literary agency in Shady Hills, NJ. Her tortoiseshell cat, Winky, assists in her investigations and provides inspiration and humorous relief. Titles include Icing Ivy, Hanging Hannah and Stabbing Stephanie.

Matthews, Alex M MATTHEWS
Amateur Sleuth, Hard-Boiled
Cassidy McCabe is a psychotherapist and amateur sleuth in Oak Park, IL who lives alone except for her Calico Starshine. Starshine does not help to solve the mysteries, but the relationship between cat and owner figures prominently in the series and Starshine offers humorous relief of tension. McCabe’s character will appeal to readers of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone mysteries and Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski mysteries. Titles include Death’s Domain, Cat’s Claw, and Wanton’s Web.

Murphy, Shirley Rosseau M MURPHY
Amateur Sleuth, Humorous
Joe Grey, private cat eye, and Dulcie, the library cat, live with their respective humans Clyde and Wilma. These cats can talk to each other and also to their owners. They can also read, use computers, and use telephones. There is a lot of character development in Murphy’s cats, and of all fictional feline sleuths, Murphy’s are the most active in detecting and solving the mysteries. Titles include Cat Seeing Double, Cat Spitting Mad and Cat Laughing Last.

Standalone Mysteries Featuring Cats:

Pirincci, Akif M PIRINCCI
Psychological Thriller, Dark Humor
Francis is the feline sleuth and Gustav is his human in this dark, gothic thriller. Having moved into a new neighborhood with Gustav, Francis begins investigating the murders of area cats with the help of two new feline friends, Bluebeard and Pascal. The story is narrated in first-person from Francis’ point of view.*

*Note - This is not actually a standalone; Pirincci has written two additional novels featuring Francis. But Felidae on the Road has not been published in the United States and Cave Canem has not yet been translated from the German.

Anthologies and Short Stories

Cat Crimes M CAT
Short stories by Joan Hess, Dorothy B. Hughes, Barbara Paul, Bill Pronzini, and more. Edited by Martin Greenberg and Ed Gorman.

Cat Crimes III M CAT
More cat crime stories by Barbara & Max Allan Collins, Bill Crider, John Lutz, Nancy Pickard and more. Edited by Ed Gorman and Martin Greenberg.

Cat Crimes Takes a Vacation M CAT
Anthony Award for Best Short Story Collection/Anthology nominee;1996. Edited by Martin Greenberg and Ed Gorman. Short stories featuring cats sleuthing abroad by Barbara Paul, Michael Collins, Gillian Robert, Bill Pronzini and more.

Cat Crimes Through Time M CAT
Historical detective stories featuring cats. Edited by Martin Greenberg, Ed Gorman and Larry Segriff.

Danger in D. C.: cat crimes in the nation’s capital SS DANGER
Cat mysteries set in Washington, D. C. Peter Crowther, Barbara D’Amato, Carolyn Wheat, John Lutz and more.

Kittens, Cats and Crime M KITTENS
More cat mystery stories by various authors, edited by Ed Gorman.

Midnight Louie’s Pet Detectives M MIDNIGHT
Edited by Carole Nelson Douglas, who writes the Midnight Louie mystery series. Mystery stories of cats and other animals. Authors include Anne Perry, Dorothy Cannell, J. A. Jance, Lilian Jackson Braun and Toni Kelner.

Mystery Cats: felonious felines from Ellery Queen's mystery magazine and Alfred Hitchcock's mystery magazine. SS MYSTERY
Short cat stories by Patricia Highsmith, Edgar Allen Poe, Ruth Rendell, Margaret Maron and more.

More Mystery Cats: Feline Felonies SS MORE
Short stories by Ellis Peters, P. G. Wodehouse, Dorothy Sayers and Richard and Frances Lockridge.

A Treasury of Cat Mysteries SS TREASURY
Cat crimes by Sharyn McCrumb, Joan Hess, Jon Breen, Peter Lovesey and more. Compiled by Martin Greenberg.