Christian Fiction

The Christian literature field is currently experiencing a boom in the publication of fiction. Traditionally, Christian genre fiction has taken the form of "gentle reads," books that tell "simple stories of love and faith without using graphic language, violence or sex." These books are most frequently romances, often in historical settings, exemplified by the works of writers such as Jan Karon and Janette Oke. However, today, Christian fiction is expanding beyond the traditional forms. Many currently popular works of Christian fiction deal with the coming of the apocalypse, the final battle between good and evil. Authors such as Tim LaHaye and Frank Peretti write about the lives of ordinary people caught up in these cosmic events. Increasingly, writers of Christian fiction are turning to other genres, and mysteries, westerns, legal thrillers, and even Christian science fiction can be found. The writers on the following list cover many of these aspects of current Christian fiction in their works. If you need help locating any of these books, or other works of Christian fiction, please ask one of the reference librarians.

David Aikman (C/T)
Randy Alcorn (M/T)
June Masters Bacher (R)
Carrie Bender (R)
Lisa Bergren (C)
Terri Blackstock (M, L)
Stephen Bly (W)
Stephen Bransford (C/T)
Sigmund Brouwer (H)
T. Davis Bunn (C/M)
Larry Burkett (SF)
L. L. Chaikin (R)
Donna Fletcher Crow (H)
Wally Davis (W)
Robert Funderburk (R)
Joseph Girzone (C)
Ruth Glover (H)
Patricia Hickman (H)
Grace Livingston Hill (R)
B. J. Hoff (H)
Jan Karon (C/R)
Tim LaHaye (T)
Sally Laity (H)
Bob Larson (C/T)
Gilbert Morris (H)
Lynn Morris (H)
Janette Oke (R)
Gary E. Parker (M)
Jane Peart (R)
Lila Peiffer (C)
Judith Pella (R)
Frank Peretti (T)
Michael Phillips (T/H)
Deborah Raney (C)
Francine Rivers (H)
Lauraine Snelling (R)
Bodie Thoene (H)
Brock Thoene (H)
James Walker (W)
Stephanie Whitson (W/H)
Lori Wick (H)
James Yoder (T)

Key to abbreviations:
C = Contemporary Life
H = Historical
L = Legal Thriller
M = Mystery
R = Romance
SF = Science Fiction
T = Thriller
W = Western