Civil War Fiction

The American Civil War has fascinated readers for decades. In addition to scholarly non-fiction, many writers have brought this era to life through imaginative fiction. Often, Civil War fiction is based on meticulous research that the author has expanded by inventing colorful characters to make the history more readable. This is a sample list of authors who have written historical fiction about the Civil War with some representative titles.

Adams, Richard -- Traveller
Adrian, Chris -- Gob's Grief
Auchincloss, Louis -- Watchfires
Bahr, Howard -- The Black Flower
Bass, Cynthia -- Sherman's March
Blake, James Carlos -- Wildwood Boys
Brown, Rita Mae -- High Hearts
Cornwell, Bernard -- Starbuck Chronicle
Coyle, Harold -- Look Away
Dann, Jack -- The Silent
Dyja, Tom -- Play for a Kingdom
Foote, Shelby -- Shiloh
Frazier, Charles -- Cold Mountain
Gaffney, Virginia -- Magnolia Dreams
Graham, Heather -- One Wore Gray
Gurganus, Allan -- Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
Jakes, John -- North and South Trilogy
Jones, Ted -- Grant's War
Keneally, Thomas -- Confederates
King, Benjamin -- A Bullet for Stonewall
Lancaster, Bruce -- Roll, Shenandoah
Mason, F. Van Wyck -- Blue Hurricane
Monfredo, Miriam Grace -- North Star Conspiracy
Moreau, C.X. -- Promise of Glory
Morris, Gilbert -- House of Windsor series
Parry, Owen --Faded Coat of Blue
Parry, Richard --That Fateful Lightning
Phillips, Michael -- Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister series
Reasoner, James -- Shiloh
Safire, William -- Freedom
Shaara, Jeff -- Gods and Generals
Shaara, Michael -- The Killer Angels and The Last Full Measure
Skimin, Robert -- Ulysses:A Biographical Novel
Snelling, Lauraine -- Sisters of the Confederacy
Thoene, Brock -- Winds of the Cumberland
Vogt, Esther Loewen --  Enchanted Prairie
Wicker, Tom -- Unto this Hour
Williams, William G. -- Days of Darkness
Willis, Connie -- Lincoln's Dream
Woodrell, Daniel -- Woe to Live On
Yerby, Frank -- McKenzie's Hundred