Dog Mysteries

Adamson, Lydia M ADAMSON
Dr. Nightingale Follows a Canine Clue; Dr. Nightingale Goes to the Dogs
Amateur detective series featuring Dierdre Quinn Nightingale, country veterinarian. Titles feature other animals as well. Contemporary cozy.

Alwyn, Cynthia M ALWYN
Scent of Murder
Standalone mystery thriller featuring Brenna Scott and her specially trained team of search-and-rescue dogs. Realistic look at search-and-rescue dogs at work, as the author herself worked with a canine search-and-rescue team for nine years.

Benjamin, Carol Lea M BENJAMIN
This Dog for Hire; The Long Good Boy
Private Detective series featuring PI and dog trainer Rachel Alexander and her Pit Bull, Dashiell. Dogs and their relationships with people are realistically portrayed. Plots are always dog-oriented and Benjamin enlightens readers about the world of dogs and dog-training, often focusing on dog-therapy. Witty, contemporary cozies, but edgier than Virginia Lanier’s Bloodhound series, Susan Conant’s Holly & Rowdy series, or Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis series.

Berenson, Laurien M BERENSON
A Pedigree to Die For; Unleashed; Best in Show
Amateur detective series featuring Melanie Travis, special education teacher and poodle breeder. Her standard poodle Faith is featured in many of the books in the series. Plots are all dog-oriented and the background is usually the dog-show circuit. Entertaining and informative in her treatment of the dog-show subculture, Berenson also adds an element of romance to her plots.

Campbell, Ann M CAMPBELL
Wolf at the Door; Wolf Tracks
Amateur detective series featuring Bed-and-Breakfast owner Anne O’Hara and her German Shepherd Mix Claudius. Anne is a reluctant dog owner and her evolving relationship with the discipline-challenged Claudius is entertaining and realistic.

Conant, Susan M CONANT
A New Leash on Death; The Barker Street Regulars; The Dogfather

Amateur detective series featuring Holly Winter, a writer for Dog’s Life Magazine. Many of the stories feature her Malamute Rowdy. Like his counterpart Dashiell in Carol Benjamin’s series, Rowdy is a therapy dog. Known as the "Dog Lover’s series," Conant’s titles are more dog-oriented than plot-oriented, but for animal lovers this is no problem. Much technical "dog-talk" and realistic portrayal of canines. Contemporary Cozy.

Hammond, Gerald M HAMMOND
Dog in the Dark; Bloodlines; Twice Bitten
Amateur detective series featuring Retired Scottish army officer John Cunningham, gun-dog breeder and trainer. Various dogs are featured in the stories. Hammond’s attention to details of hunting and dog-breeding will appeal to outdoor lovers as well as dog lovers. Readers will also enjoy the Scotland setting and intricate plotting.

Henry, Sue M HENRY
Murder on the Iditarod Trail; Deadfall; Death Trap
Amateur detective series featuring Jessie Arnold, sled-dog racer in Alaska. In Henry’s mysteries the plots are less dog-focused than in Conant’s or Berenson’s canine mysteries. Still, as the plots often take place against the backdrop of professional dogsled racing, dogs are everpresent, especially Jessie’s lead dog Tank. Contemporary Cozy.

Johansen, Iris M JOHANSEN
The Search
Sarah Patrick, search-and-rescue worker, and her search dog, Golden Retriever Monty, were first introduced as secondary characteres in Johansen’s Eve Duncan novel The Killing Game. Fans of the romantic suspense thriller will enjoy the search, and dog-lovers will appreciate the bond between Sarah and Monty and the subplot featuring Monty’s own love interest!

Lanier, Virginia M LANIER
Death in Bloodhound Red; A Bloodhound to Die For
Amateur detective series featuring Jo Beth Sidden, a bloodhound breeder and trainer. Dog-lovers can always count on a bloodhound tracking rescue mission as part of the plot. A strong female protagonist and the Georgia setting are also appeal factors.

Wood, Ted M WOOD
Dead in the Water; Corkscrew
Hard-boiled mystery featuring Reid Bennett and his German Shepherd Sam. Bennett and Sam make up the entire police force of small-town Murphy’s Harbor, Ontario. The relationship between man and dog will appeal to readers. Suspense thriller.

Woods, Stuart M WOODS
Orchid Beach; Orchid Blues; Blood Orchid
Police Procedural series featuring Holly Barker and her Doberman, Daisy. Holly is the police chief of Orchid Beach, Florida. Although Woods’ plots are not dog-oriented, Daisy is Holly’s loyal companion throughout her investigations. Fast-paced, suspense thriller.