Fairy Tales Retold

Orson Scott Card

Enchantment - the story of Sleeping Beauty intertwined with Russian mythology: the hero moves between 9th century Russia and today's America to save the princess.
Pamela Dean

Tam Lin - Medieval Scottish ballad updated to a modern college campus: freshman English major versus the sinister forces of the Classics Department.
Charles DeLint

Jack of Kinrowan - A female Jack the Giant Killer encounters faerie magic on the city streets of present-day Ottowa, complete with a wild hunt on Harleys.
Gregory Frost

Fitcher's Brides - Bloody retelling that casts Bluebeard as a religious cult leader in the early 1800's.
Ellen Kushner

Thomas the Rhymer - In this ballad-inspired medieval fantasy, a minstrel's encounter with the Queen of the Faeries leaves him with a questionable gift--he can only, ever speak the truth.
Tanith Lee

White as Snow - dark, violent retelling from noted horror writer. Lee explores the psychology of Snow White's "evil" queen mother as well as the tale's roots in the myth of Demeter and Persephone.
C.S. Lewis

Till We Have Faces - Before Beauty and the Beast, there was a classical myth about Cupid and Psyche. Lewis's powerful retelling uses the voice of the beautiful Psyche's uglier sister.
Rebecca Lickiss

Never After - Prince Athelstan fights through briars only to find three sleeping princes as well as his sleeping beauty. ("It has to be a transcription error.")
Gregory Macguire

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister - The tale of Cinderella turned inside out in 17th century Holland.
Gregory Macguire

Mirror, Mirror - Snow White transposed to the Italy of the Borgias, with the notorious poisoner Lucrezia as evil stepmother.
Juliet Marillier \

Daughter of the Forest - Romantic retelling of the Celtic legend: six brothers, turned into swans by their wicked stepmother, can be saved only if their sister performs impossible tasks. First of a trilogy that combines fantasy with Irish/Briton history.
Dennis McKiernan

Once Upon a Winter's Night - Based on "East of the Sun, West of the Moon", A farmer's youngest daughter is promised to a prince who is cursed to be a bear by day. A French setting and epic battle scenes give the feel of high fantasy.
Robin McKinley

Rose Daughter - Bookworm Beauty grows to love the Beast in this retelling embellished with complex characters and lyrical writing.
Robin McKinley

Deerskin - Both of the horrors of incest and and the hope of survival and recovery in the tale of a beautiful princess and her dog, loosely based on the Perrault tale, Donkeyskin.
China Mieville

King Rat - The battle between the King of the Rats and the Piper of Hamelin continues centuries later in this dark urban fantasy set in subterranean London.
Louise Murphy

The True Story of Hansel and Gretel - A mirror image of the fairy tale; two children, fleeing the Nazi occupation of Poland, are rescued by the witch.
Terry Pratchett

Witches Abroad - Set in Pratchett's zany Discworld, it's Cinderella-in-reverse as two witches and a newly-appointed godmother try to ensure that the servant girl doesn't marry the prince.
Elizabeth Scarborough

The Godmother - Fairy godmother for the city of Seattle helps youngsters overcome abuse and gang violence.In the sequel, she takes an apprentice in 1990's Ireland.
Sheri S. Tepper

Beauty - On her 16th birthday, Beauty escapes the curse of a hundred-year sleep only to be whisked away to a grim 21st century future.
Bill Willingham

Fables: Legends in Exile - Graphic novel in which fairy tale legends make a living in a Gotham-like New York City. When Snow White's sister disappears from a blood soaked apartment, the reformed Wolf, now a detective, is assigned to the case.
Jane Yolen

Briar Rose - The story of Briar Rose and a box of old clippings are Becca's only link to her grandmother's mysterious past in the days of the Holocaust and the polish resistance.

Edited by Terry Windling and Ellen Datlow Black Heart, Ivory Bones, Black Swan, White Raven, Black Thorn, White Rose and Silver Birch, Blood Moon - Original Stories by notable contemporary authors explore the more sinister, sensual and sophisticated aspects of tales cherished in childhood.
Various The Poet's Grimm - Contemporary poets respond to the tales of the Brother's Grimm
And on video.. Into the Woods - Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, two Princes Charming and Jack of Beanstalk fame versus a giant and Bernadette peters as the witch in Sondheim's Broadway musical.