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This month we’re reading Midnight in Chernobyl, a new reconstruction of the events that led to one of the worst nuclear incidents in history. What led to the events of April 26, 1986? Journalist Adam Higginbotham worked for ten years to answer that question and to follow the literal fallout since. According to his retelling, incompetence and corruption created an unstable reactor of questionable design and construction. Efforts to cover up the explosion and release of radiation endangered the citizens of Ukraine and Western Europe… and the subsequent revelations may have led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Higginbotham takes these discoveries and turns them into a real-life thriller.
We’ll also be passing out Alone on the Ice, our discussion title for August.
Real People/Real Stories looks for those “truth is stranger than fiction” stories. From lesser-known events in history to biographies of the famous and infamous, and from accessible science and nature writing to the arts, librarians will select outstanding titles guaranteed to take you into real places. We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Stryker Center, starting at 2 pm.  Williamsburg Regional Library will provide titles beginning June 21.  If you can’t find a copy on the shelves, check with the Adult Services reference desk to find out how to get yours. 
Questions? Check with the Adult Services department at 757.259.4050.

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