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This event is part of the One Book One Community partnership between Williamsburg Regional Library and William & Mary. The month-long series will include a January 24 discussion with Tommy Orange, author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist There There. His novel examines the lives of 12 different Native Americans in the week leading up to the first Oakland Powwow and the events that will engulf them all. How are the lives of urban Indians, such as those in There There, different from the popular image of modern Indian life? How are they similar? Like 80% of all Native peoples, Theresa Rocha Beardall, an Oneida, grew up in an urban environment. Now an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Virginia Tech, she will discuss her own life and the work that led her to examine way the law and larger society affect Indian lives today.  She will also talk about her plans to use There There, which “radically shifted the visibility of urban Indians,” as an introduction to American Studies.

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