Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library

Your support allows the library to respond quickly to community needs. Every $30 given to the Friends on Giving Tuesday allows the library to license an additional WiFi hotspot that will provide a local family with one month of reliable internet access. Reliable internet access is needed for school, work, healthcare, government information, and much more. Here is some of what we have heard from patrons about our WiFi hotspot lending program so far:

  • I was able to complete an online class, receive my certificate, and advance at work.
  • I was able to help my kids with their homework.
  • We streamed some movies for family night. I cannot afford to go to the theater, and I don’t have enough data on my phone for movies.
  • My kids have a reliable connection for Zoom.
  • I was able to do WiFi telephone calls for medical appointments.

We thank you for your generous donation. Here are some of the ways the library is helping our community during the pandemic.

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