Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library

Foundation Support

  • Anonymous
  • Emma Lou Powers
  • The Shops at Carolina Furniture

Additional Support


  • Copper Fox Distillery

Annual Appeal

  • Anonymous
  • Sally J. Andrews
  • Bobbie and Ralph Goldstein
  • Joan and Christian Alsop
  • Marti and David Coffield
  • Gail K. Burger
  • Berna and Joe Heyman
  • Lois and James Ullman
  • Mike Caplice & Carolyn Hartline
  • Helen and Lawrence Cardman
  • Charles K. Driscoll
  • John Lesslie Hall
  • Krn Nixon
  • Nancy and John Hummel
  • Edwin C. Kelley, Jr.
  • Agnes and Eric Hetzel

Our Library – Our Future Endowment

Collection Fund

  • Laurie and Patrick Rowe
  • Quinn Emmett (in memory of Mrs. Pedigo “who taught me how to read, and so much more!”)

Eric L. and Priscilla C. Peterson Perpetual Book Fund

  • Nancy and Alan Peterson
  • Susan and Roger Schultz (in memory of Eric Peterson

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

  • Carolyn Olson (on the occasion of her birthday) from Linda Garfinkel
  • James S. Darling and Mary Darling from Wendy Cumming
  • Judith Easton from Missy and Bill Carr
  • Gabriel L. Pall from Nancy M. Parker
  • Williamsburg Bird Club
  • The Friedman Family
  • Kathy and Bruce Hornsby
  • Virginia Living Museum