Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library

Foundation Support

  • Anonymous
  • Lisa King
  • Ronnie King

Additional Support

  • Frederick Alexander – Adventures of Scar and Floyd Wrath of Montorious
  • Ronald G. Munro – Elder House
  • Ronald G. Munro – Mandy, Mindy, Misty
  • Ronald G. Munro – Naturally Wild in the Nearly Civilized
  • Ronald G. Munro – Southjoy Mission 1808-1809

Annual Appeal

  • Anonymous
  • Joan and Christian Alsop
  • Marty and Jim Easton
  • Mike Caplice & Carolyn Hartline
  • Helen and Lawrence Cardman
  • Nancy and John Hummel
  • Edwin C. Kelley, Jr.
  • Kyle Smith

Our Library – Our Future Endowment

  • Quinn Emmett (in memory of Mrs. Pedigo “who taught me how to read, and so much more!”)

Donald A. Collard Perpetual Book Fund

  • Judith A. Collard

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

  • Casey Davison from Leigh Van Duzer
  • Betsy Fowler from P.E.O. Chapter BQ
  • and Mrs. Glenn Ross and Harry Ross (on Harry’s graduation from Duke) from Jill and Mike Keech
  • Louis Weeks (on the occasion of his birthday) from Susan and Jim Axtell
  • Shelia Brown from Nicholas and Christian Carter
  • Mary Jane Fenn from Jane and Pressly McCance and John Shulson
  • James F. Jenkins, Jr. from Jean Huptich, Vickie and Phillip King, Kathryn R. Loveland, the Domenic J. Maglieri Family, and Barbara Scala
  • David Lehnertz from the Capital Club of Williamsburg
  • Edith M. Ranieri from Marie A. Ranieri
  • Cora Sue Winesett from the Donna and Barry Bryant
  • Nancy G. Harris
  • Terry Nienhuis
  • Rotary Club of the Historic Triangle