Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library

Foundation Support

  • Lisa and Ron King

Additional Support

  • The Friedman Family
  • Awesome Miracle stories: Therapy Dog Casper by Mary Lee Berger
  • The Red Rebel of San Giovanni: WWII Heroes Finally Tell Their Stories by Tom Campbell
  • Williamsburg at War: Virginia’s Colonial Capital in the Revolutionary War by Michael Cecere
  • Reshuffled, Real Stories of Hope and Resilience from Foster Care by Tracy Gharbo and Linda Palmer
  • Presidential Vignettes: Stories About Those Who Have Held the Highest Office in the Land by Jonathan Stolz

Annual Appeal

  • Betsy Fowler
  • Nanette and David Schoeder (in memory of Lucinda Dudley)
  • Sally and William Andrews
  • Thomas J. Mills
  • Georgianna and John Avioli
  • Marty and Jim Easton
  • William L. Roberts, Jr.
  • Cam Walker
  • Susan and William Geary
  • Happy and Ralph Simmons
  • Bernice Larson
  • Jeanette S. Takesian

Our Library – Our Future Endowment

  • Laurie and Patrick Rowe
  • Quinn Emmett (in memory of Mrs. Pedigo “who taught me how to read, and so much more!”)

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

  • Judith Austin from Alison & Burton Foley
  • Peter Benoliel and Willo Carey from Shawn Lawrence
  • The Nathan Mortier Family from Nancy Stout
  • David and Deborah Olien from Elizabeth Counts
  • Pat and Tom Shultz from Wendy Pavlicek
  • Virginia Sweeney from Jeremy Rupon
  • Trudy Moyles from Nancy and Mike Kutner
  • Amy Z. Watson
  • Williamsburg Bird Club