Friends of Williamsburg Regional Library

Foundation Support

  • Tricia Byrne (in memory of Blanche Byrne)
  • Emma Lou Powers

Kiwanis Kids Idea Studio

  • Kiwanis Club of Toano

Additional Support

  • Virginia Living Museum

Annual Appeal

  • Sarah and Chips Houghland
  • David Back

Our Library – Our Future Endowment

Collections Fund

  • Robert Lund

The Next Generation Fund: Children and Teens

  • Mary Ann and Michael Dallas
  • Quinn Emmett (in memory of Mrs. Pedigo “who taught me how to read, and so much more!”)

Goldberg Family Perpetual Book Fund

  • Amy and Benjamin Goldberg (in honor of Alexander and Richard’s birthdays)

Walter and Mattie Horne Perpetual Book Fund

  • Janis M. Horne

Richard and Isi Dawson Perpetual Book Fund

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeLorey (in honor of Ishilde’s birthday)

Eric L. and Priscilla C. Peterson

  • Priscilla Peterson

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

  • Nancy Green from an anonymous donor
  • In appreciation of WRL staff from the Williamsburg Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Mary Jane Fenn from the Kingsmill Yacht Club
  • Judith Easton from Constance Koenenn and Sally McConnell
  • Joseph Talbot from the Kingsmill Yacht Club
  • Tina Egge Charitable Fund
  • Frank Labrecque – Mission Proxima b: Interstellar Voyage
  • Kirk Peter Lovenbury – From Mormon to Mystic: Excerpts from My Life
  • Kirk Peter Lovenbury – Lions Mountain, 850 Years of Lovenburys
  • Laura Truslow (in memory of Edward Warren Truslow)