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Learn@Home Summits

00:49:28    Barry Trott:      Welcome from WRL!

00:49:54    Amy Colley: Good morning, all! This is going to be a wonderful community conversation!

00:50:07    Amy Colley: Thank you all for showing up!

00:51:49    Amy Colley: Who’s participating? Share your role (parent, teacher, student) and school division in the chat if you will.

00:52:21    mzechman:   Hello! Parent here :-)

00:52:27    Steve Barnes:     parents

00:52:33    Kristin Beilstein:      Thank you for having this

00:52:35    Jennifer A: Parent

00:52:38    David.Bianco:     Yup, another parent of two elementary kids

00:52:50    SBrewer:    Hi Amy! It’s Shuni, parent to two elementary school boys

00:52:54    Tricia:     parent

00:52:58    maryi:      Good morning everyone.

00:52:58    Kate: WJCC new kindergarten parent

00:53:03    Valerie:    parent; wjcc school division, elementary, middle, and high school kids

00:53:07    Juan Falcon:      Good morning, Juan Falcon Parent

00:53:11    Mary Ann:   This is Kevin Lemere. I am using my mothers computer. I was a substitute teachers aid last school year.

00:53:17    Margaret’s iPhone:    parents

00:53:46    LN Flores:  Hispanic Community Volunteer

00:53:55    Kristen M:  Hi! Parent of two second-graders at LLES.

00:53:57    Nkki Santiago:    Parent

00:53:59    Mary McGillvray:  Good morning! I’m a teacher at LLES.

00:54:16    Jennifer:   Hi parent to two elementary students

00:54:18    Davina:     parent, to two fourth graders; one seventh grader

00:54:20    David Lunt: Literacy for Life volunteer TESOL tutor

00:54:52    Mary Ann:   I helped at Elementary schools in Williamsburg,.

00:54:54    R Moore:    Elementary & Middle Parent

00:54:55    Diane Lederer:    Literacy for Life Volunteer

00:55:11    Steven:     Parent of two 3rd Graders and a Fourth Grader

00:55:17    Sara Meldrum:     Parent of CBB student and childrenΓÇÖs librarian

00:55:21    Stacy Budde:      Elementary + middle school parent

00:55:51    jenavandyke@gmail.com:  Hello! Parent of a kindergartner4

00:55:51    Lynn Shields:     Parent

00:55:52    Veronica Erlich:  Parent of a rising Second Grader at Matoaka

00:55:53    jenavandyke@gmail.com:  spikeer

00:56:01    Roxanne Lovelace: Parent to two elementary students in MES (Kindergarten and 4th grade)

00:56:01    Kristin Beilstein:      Parent of 8th and 3rd graders

00:56:03    maryi:      Great to have so many participants. I am a Grandmother of two elementary students at DJM.

00:56:04    logan:      elementary parent to rising 1st and 3rd students

00:56:05    Diana Tiller:     Grandparent teaching grandchildren in Boston via zoom distance learning

00:56:06    Craig Indoe:      Meghan Indoe, Teacher’s Assistant and parent of middle and high school children

00:56:13    Kelley Herbert:   parent of new kindergartener and 3rd grader at Matoaka

00:56:15    Emily Shuck:      Parent of 3 elementary students (1st, 3rd, 5th)

00:56:16    MaraistS:   Good Morning, I’m Susie Maraist, librarian at DJ Montague!

00:56:18    Mary O’Brien:     Mary O’Brien, Lead Program Instructor at Literacy for Life

00:56:31    Luke Hemmingson:  I’m a student from Dr. Colley’s class!

00:56:33    jenavandyke@gmail.com:  Hello! Parent of a ES student

00:56:36    Pat Lampley:      Hello Pat Lampley from Literacy for Life

00:57:00    George Bass:      Grandparents caring for three elementary students while their parents work

00:57:07    CampbellGW: Meredith Watkins – I’m a first grade teacher at MW and my kids are rising 1st and 3rd graders at JBB

00:57:13    Debbie Baker:     Good morning, Grandma to two elementary students. Ready to help!

00:57:41    maryi:      Thanks

00:57:48    Margaret McLaughlin:    I’m a student in Dr. Colley’s class

00:57:56    Debra Sorrell:    Debra Sorrell a K-Assistant at MES

00:57:57    Sarah’s iPad:     Sarah frank…I have a second grader! happy to be here

00:58:26    Stacia London:    hello! parent of elementary student 5th grade.

00:58:31    suzannehagedorn:  W&M prof. with 4th grader going Virtual Academy while I Zoom my classes; my husband works part-time, so we are tag-teaming supervision of our child’s virtual learning this fall.

00:58:55    raelyn tilman:    Hello! I am a student in Dr. Colley’s class.

00:58:59    Juliet Pao: Good morning. Grandma to 1 5th grader

00:59:42    ClineH:     Heather Cline Kindergarten Teacher at DJM and parent of a Warhill junior

01:00:25    Fiona:      Good morning – staff member Literacy for Life

01:00:54    Terri Geisler:    Hello – parent of 1st and 3rd graders, wjcc

01:01:47    Stacia Guillen:   hi parent of 1st grader at matoaka

01:02:11    Stacia Guillen:   and preschool at Bright Beginnings

01:02:14    Jena McDaniel-Cumming:  Morning! Parent of 2 boys who attend JBB. 1st and 3rd

01:02:52    Jocelyn Kuhns:    Good morning. Mother of a 1st grader at Stonehouse

01:02:54    Suzanne Hagedorn: My family have elected to do York CountyΓÇÖs Virtual Academy for our 4th grader for the entire fall semester.

01:03:33    Andrea Fegley:    I teach elementary in NNPS and my son is a rising 5th grader at Matoaka Virtual Academy.

01:04:11    Jennifer A: We are still trying to decide between VAVA and WJCC’s family choice. (We’re deciding today, currently enrolled in both). Leaning towards WJCC.

01:05:29    Rowan Levick :    I’m a student in Dr. Colley’s class

01:07:23    Beth K:     I’m going to be tutoring Matthew Whaley 5th graders three mornings a week.

01:08:20    Mary Ann:   I believe it will be very important to try and keep the students wanting to stay on task and learn. I think a good way to keep students engaged in work will be to utilize educational software online, including educational games.

01:08:51    Stacia Guillen:   I am looking for tutors for a 1st grade pod, we were going to work with some graduate students from WM but that fell through, do you have any recommendations for resources?

01:10:32    Katie Layton:     Hello! I am a student in Dr. Colley’s class.

01:11:02    Gwen Sargent:     I’m also a student in Dr. Colley’s class!

01:11:14    Jennifer A: We made a “Bell Schedule” in the Spring and it helped us a lot with time management.

01:13:02    Mary Ann:   Will aids be able to help students 1 on 1 or in a learning group?group

01:14:12    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: Thank you all for your questions/comments! I am noting them and will bring them to the floor shortly to have your questions answered.

01:15:02    Kerry Henderson:  Any ideas how to accomplish this if children are doing this in the evening after coming home from child care?

01:16:13    Beth K:     Question: I’m tutoring a learning pod. If some students are on the “Year-long learning” path, will their school assignments look very different from the students on the “Path 1 remote learning”?

01:16:56    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: Beth K – with WJCC schools?

01:17:15    Beth K:     Yes, Matthew Whaley Elemen.

01:17:56    Jena McDaniel-Cumming:  I’ve heard from a family choice teacher that the schedules are the same but not sure about the assignments

01:22:46    Kristen M:  I am concerned that one of my second-graders has potentially an attention issue or some other kind of behavioral issue, based on some teacher feedback and from seeing myself how he handled assignments during learning at home this past spring. Do you have any recommendations for how something like that could be monitored/handled/addressed at home? I am anticipating a big struggle to get him to do any of his independent work. (WJCC student)

01:22:50    Lynn Shields:     Great presentation and info. Thank you!

01:22:59    Jena McDaniel-Cumming:  This has been great! Lots of good ideas

01:23:01    Kristin Beilstein:      Thank you so very much Dr. Colley!! much appreciated

01:23:19    Beth K:     Question: In regards to laptop distribution, what will the elementary students be doing the first week of school since they will not receive laptops until the second week of school?

01:23:21    Alison Foley:     Thank you Dr. Cooley – Very helpful & thoughhtful

01:24:12    Mary Ann:   Would the library be able to lend out a few copies of computer games made by the learning company? that way if say the kids cant go outside on their breaks they can just pop in the disk after installing it for the first time. I had utilized some of these games when I was in school.

01:25:42    Julie Tucker:     The School of Education does have a job board for people looking to hire our students as teachers: https://education.wm.edu/currentstudents/jobboard/

01:25:49    Katherine:  I am a certified teacher in WJCCPS and would be happy to connect with this parent looking for a tutor for her 1st Grader.

01:25:53    Julie Tucker:     ^tutors, not teachers :)

01:26:11    Kristin Beilstein:      there have been lots of people wanting to help on the WJCC facebook page like tutoring

01:26:28    Katherine:  I can be reached at Katherine.coggin@wjccschools.org

01:27:58    Stacia Guillen:   thank you everyone! Its a work from home situation and needing supplemental tutoring while I try and work;-)

01:28:56    Mary O’Brien:     How is attendance being taken? If a child cannot be on during the day.

01:29:27    Suzanne Hagedorn: York County is using Canvas as its Learning Management System, is WJCC using Canvas or something else (like Google Classroom)

01:31:08    Kate: This is great info and great to hear =)

01:34:08    Jena McDaniel-Cumming:  That makes me so happy! Thank you for clarifying! I was so sad that my kids wouldn’t have teachers from JBB

01:34:30    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: A recording of this presentation will be available shortly at www.wrl.org/learnhome. Allow at least a week.

01:34:33    Erin Shields:     That is great to hear. We would hate to miss out on the Matthew Whaley connection!

01:34:38    Amy Colley: As we’re all learning new vocabulary this year, for anyone wondering, synchronous learning is “live” at a specific time, like this summit; asynchronous learning is often a recording, self paced, not at a specific time.

01:37:15    Amy Colley: To this question, Mary Stowe at TTAC has the following suggestions on the hub (https://education.wm.edu/academics/ci/at-home-learning/special-education/index.php)

01:37:29    Amy Colley: Establish structure and routine

This allows for a stable environment within which the unexpected may be handled.

Create a predictable schedule or structure to the day

Chunk information provided to learn or study, as well as chunk the work toward creating a product

Use instructional methods to support learning

Use explicit, step-by-step language when providing directions for task completion

Use visual supports and models to assure understanding of the task to be completed

Provide sufficient wait time for processing needs of the student

Provide behavioral supports for learning

Provide reassurance and feelings of security around the circumstances of this unique time to reduce stress and anxiety

Co-construct a positive reward system to engage students in learning

Acknowledge your childΓÇÖs successes as learning may be overwhelming for them and provide

constructive feedback to move them forward in their learning experiences

01:37:59    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: To clarify, this recording will be available at wrl.org/learnhome once we are able to process and publish it. Thank you for your patience

01:38:01    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: !

01:38:18    Erin Shields:     Any tips for extremely shy young children who are very anxious about being on camera in a whole class live setting?

01:38:29    Alison Foley:     Must go – But thank you to all Hosts for this valuable info!

01:39:31    Amy Colley: Practice, practice, practice, Erin! Try a family online chat or one with friends (via Zoom). Talk with the teacher about the concern. Is it ok to start small, with a photo?

01:40:38    Erin Shields:     Thank you!

01:41:34    Kristin Beilstein:      thank you for all you information Robin, very much appreciated!!

01:43:17    Jennifer A: I’m very worried that my daughter (1st grade) will become bored with school. How will differentiated learning work at WJCC (can she work ahead? Gifted program? Other options?)?

01:44:12    Jennifer A: For the year long virtual learning at WJCC, do we have an idea of classroom size?

01:46:42    Amanda Wheeler:   I may have missed it, but will this recording be posted? if so, where?

01:47:08    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: This will be posted at wrl.org/learnhome once the recordning is processed!

01:47:29    Amy Colley: Jennifer A: There are loads of resources for enriching student learning. Yes, WJCC has a robust gifted program, and I’ll defer to them for that process; however, there are some great community resources. The School of Education has the Center for Gifted Education that offers online resources for students and families. Finally, I always recommend reading (together) books that might challenge and be a bit higher in level with our children and having discussions together about them.

01:48:14    Jena McDaniel-Cumming:  Remind is sooo easy and convenient

01:48:14    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: I am a BIG FAN of Remind!

01:48:24    Amanda Wheeler:   Thank you so much @rachel!

01:49:07    Suzanne Hagedorn: W&M’s Center for Gifted education offers excellent classes for enrichmentΓÇöwill they be offering any virtual classes on Saturdays this fall, or is that program on hiatus this semester?

01:49:25    Jennifer A: Thanks @amy, we are reading lots everyday. Heading to WRL after this is over actually.

01:49:26    Kristin Beilstein:      my daughter goes to Louise Hornsby and she doesn’t know her teachers or her schedule yet. where do I get that info?

01:51:12    Amy Colley: Suzanne Hagedorn you can email sep@wm.edu to find out the status of Saturday classes.

01:51:21    Kristin Beilstein:      thank you appriciate it

01:51:49    MaraistS:   Thank you Robin

01:51:56    Valerie:    Will this presentation be the same for the summit this afternoon or will the content be more specific to middle and high school students?

01:54:44    Amy Colley: Valerie, for me, very similar, and I will focus a bit on the abilities and also needs of adolescent learners to have choice and to set their own goals.

01:54:52    Steven:     In reference to Laptop distribution. Are we required to be issued a Laptop. My family has laptops that can be used for instruction.

01:57:02    Andrea Fegley:    Will students be able to access WRL online resources (ebooks, audiobooks, etc) on their WJCC devices?

01:58:00    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: To clarify, Steven – can you let them know how to get in touch with you? For those who don’t know you? : )

01:59:00    MaraistS:   thanks Barry! Good info

01:59:07    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: To recap – if you can’t find your library card, etc. you can use the student’s 10 digit ID number in this format:

01:59:12    David Lunt: The Scholastic databases ask for a user name and password.

01:59:25    maryi:      One quick question? An already identified IEP student with services from previous school years, What format is available for them to continue to achieve success?

01:59:45    David Lunt: Bookflix, ScienceFlix, and TrueFlix

01:59:49    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: Library of things!

02:00:12    clive:      Help for tech challenged grandparents?

02:00:57    Barry Trott:      David, that should not be happening, can you please contact me directly about this, btrott@wrl.org.

02:01:07    Yaitzel Barrientos:     Great!

02:01:46    Amy Colley: @clive — great question! This may a good topic for a follow up session.

02:02:05    Veronica Erlich:  Such great resources! Thank you so much! We love the library!!

02:02:28    Kristin Beilstein:      great info Ben thank you!, didn’t all that existed.

02:04:38    Amanda Cass:      I know it was mentioned before quickly but wasn’t sure if it will be addressed later, about elementary students waiting the second week of school to pick up tablets. Will this be address through our teachers? Or will it be clarified later by the school?

02:04:52    Nkki Santiago:    In regards to student shy about being on camera. Sometimes turning of their self-view helps. Seeing themselves on camera can sometimes awkward and reminds them they are on camera.

02:05:14    Mary Ann:   I am going to leave now, thank you for all the information.

02:05:45    Jennifer V: Thanks for the great information!

02:05:58    Erin Shields:     Thank you all for the wonderful advice.

02:07:17    mthompson:  Thank you

02:07:18    Jennifer A: Thank you, this was VERY helpfuly

02:07:20    Pat Lampley:      great information thanks

02:07:41    Art and Mary Behrendt:  Thanks for all this clear information.

02:07:42    logan:      thank you for putting this together

02:07:50    Rachael Nelson, WRL Teen Librarian: WRL is here for you!

02:07:53    Kristin Beilstein:      Thank so so much for all the information everyone! much appriciated. have a blessed day.

02:07:54    DonnaΓs iPhone: great information

02:07:55    Amy Colley: Have a wonderful school year!

02:07:57    Jena McDaniel-Cumming:  Thank yall so much!

02:08:02    Jena McDaniel-Cumming:  This made me feel so much better <3

02:08:06    Amy Colley: Together, we will make it great! Keep in touch!

00:18:54    Barry Trott:      recording will be posted at www.wrl.org/learnhome

00:19:17    Barry Trott:      https://www.wrl.org/learnhome/

00:22:08    Maureen Elgersman Lee:  Parent of 12 year old and 14 year old

00:22:16    Frances Falcon:   Frances Falcon Empowering Parents Program Instructor from Literacy for Life

00:22:18    Nikolai Andresky: We have an 8th grader and a 6th grader

00:22:25    Valerie Ayres:    Parent of a 4th grader, 7th grader, 10th grader

00:22:33    Kristin Beilstein:      middle school 8th grader this year at LHMS

00:22:34    Craig Indoe:      Hi, Meghan Indoe, 3 children, 1 at Hornsby and 2 at Jamestown Virtual Academy

00:22:35    Steph:      Mother to a female 7th grader

00:22:35    Beth Robles:      Parent of high school sophomore

00:22:36    Juliet Pao: Juliet Pao, Granma of a high school student at WJCC

00:22:39    Jenn Johnson:     mom to two boys – going into 6th and 8th grades

00:22:40    A Hepworth: Work within Human Services -with a multitude of ages

00:22:43    Ted:  parent of a 8th, 5th,4th and 2nd

00:22:46    Dawn Parker-Waible:     Mom of 16 yr old/Junior

00:22:49    Tela Thomason:    I had to leave this morningΓÇÖs meeting early. I have a rising 5/9th grader.

00:22:50    mps:  Parent of 6th and 8th grader

00:22:58    Katy: parent of 6th Grader at JBMS

00:22:58    Summer Oostra:    parent of 6th grader

00:23:14    Amy Baker:  Parent of HS senior

00:23:14    TL:   mom of a Senior at LHS and 7th Grader BMS

00:23:25    Emily’s iPad:     parent, 6th, 7th and 10th grader

00:23:45    Melissa Weagle:   Parent of TMS 7th grader and WHS Senior

00:23:47    Karen Goins:      working with children in middle and high school

00:24:35    Wilda Crespo:     Mother of 7th grader-JBMS, 10th & 12th graders-JHS

00:24:47    Temple Beth El:   Mom to MES (5th), LHS (8th), JHS (10th)

00:25:38    Sheila:     Nana to New Middle Schooler.

00:26:51    angelaquilts2:    Grandma to 6th grader

00:37:41    Rachael Nelson, Teen Services Librarian:  Please share your questions in chat, which I will record and share with our presenters between segments.

00:41:03    Adriana T:  Setting alarms with ΓÇ£family bellΓÇ¥ option on google home system!

00:50:58    Amy Colley: Caretakers and parents of rising 6th graders, do you have some specific concerns about the transition from elementary school to middle school?

00:52:44    Amy Colley: Also, we had a question this morning that I wonder if you too have — is there some need out there for resources for technology training or help for caregivers?

00:53:17    Emily’s iPad:     My concern is the transition from one teacher in 5th grade to multiple teachers for 6th grade and how my child will adapt to that transition on line.

00:54:07    Kristin Beilstein:      all lessons will be recorded so that students can go back and view

00:56:33    Temple Beth El:   Can you please give the details for the Parent Academy that you just mentioned.

00:56:37    Temple Beth El:   ?

00:56:51    Amy Colley: https://wjccschools.org/newsroom/register-today-for-the-parent-academy-canvas-for-parents-webinar/

00:57:23    angelaquilts2:    can you give an example of what the first day will look like for 6th graders

00:57:44    angelaquilts2:    yes

00:57:51    Tela Thomason:    this may be addressed tomorrow night, but do we know if the issues with canvas have been dealt with prior to our first day?

00:58:05    Tara Bowers:      Do you need to get a laptop from the district if your child already has one ready? Mom (6th grader)

00:58:10    suzanne:    Will the WJCC PATH 1&2 virtual experience differ from the year-round FamilyChoice virtual experience for high schoolers? I am not seeing much at all about the WJCC Virtual Academy for the full-year at the high school level. Even here, the 9-weeks of Path1 is getting more emphasis.

00:58:44    Tela Thomason:    like what happened with the crash in NCΓÇÖs canvas crash?

00:58:58    Craig Indoe:      Has the schedule for middle school and high school virtual academy been posted yet? I have not been able to locate it.

00:59:56    Nikolai Andresky: We have the same question as Craig Indoe. There is no sample schedule for family choice/virtual on the WJCC website.

00:59:58    Steph:      Laptop pickup is a bit confusing. For my 7th grader at Toano can I pick her laptop up on Aug 31 at Warhill or do I have to wait until Sept. 1 and pick it up at Hornsby?

01:00:58    Rachael Nelson, Teen Services Librarian:  Questions about picking up (or not) technology for your student can be found on wjccschools.org

01:01:15    Dawn Parker-Waible:     @ Steph – HMS is the 1st at Hornsby

01:01:57    Rachael Nelson, Teen Services Librarian:  Under “Laptop and Tablet Distribution” at www.wjccschools.org

01:02:20    Valerie Ayres:    I agree the schedule for laptop pick up needs to be clarified. The way it is written, it appears that “all levels” (interpreted as all grade levels) can pick up laptops on Monday August 31st at WHS

01:03:55    Rachael Nelson, Teen Services Librarian:  For detailed information on tech for your child’s age/school, you may reach out to their school.

01:04:04    Dawn Parker-Waible:     @ Valarie – It is! But what I have figured out is that all levels will be able to pick up throughout the week and then middle and elementary can also do it the 2 weeks after. Monday the 31st is only for WHS

01:04:53    Steph:      My question comes after looking at the schedule (on the site). It is confusing.

01:07:12    Valerie Ayres:    somewhat thank you

01:07:21    Steph:      The schedule is confusing… but i’ll figure it out another way.

01:07:44    Dawn Parker-Waible:     @Steph – HMS is the 1st at Hornsby

01:08:04    Rachael Nelson, Teen Services Librarian:  Ok – check your school’s website for clarification on tech pick-up!

01:08:15    Craig Indoe:      Is there a daily schedule for middle and high school virtual academy?

01:08:15    Frances Falcon:   Are there any other platforms that students and parents need to learn about besides Canvas?

01:08:21    Dawn Parker-Waible:     @Valarie – It is! But what I have figured out is that all levels will be able to pick up throughout the week and then middle and elementary can also do it the 2 weeks after. Monday the 31st is only for WHS

01:08:54    Lynette Diaz, JCC Care Team Coordinator:  If Parents needs assistance understanding how ParentVUE works, can community advocates receive access to the ParentVUE account, with consent?

01:08:58    mps:  If you child has their own laptop can they use it or do they need to use a school issued laptop

01:09:10    Melissa Weagle:   My daughter was very overwhelmed with the amount of virtual work last spring as a 6th grader. She would often be in tears at the end of the day after hours of sitting in front of the computer trying to complete all of the work. My son, who was a junior in HS, had MUCH less work and was able to get the work done in a more reasonable amount of time. Can we expect that the middle school workload to be a bit more reasonable this fall?

01:09:11    suzanne:    Are there tutoring resources thru WRL or WJCC?

01:09:11    Amy Colley: My understanding is that Canvas will cover it all.

01:09:29    Frances Falcon:   Thank you

01:09:53    Amy Colley: Suzanne, I understand that the schools keep tutoring lists for parents.

01:10:54    Christine:  thanks

01:13:38    Temple Beth El:   Are teachers instructing from home or their respective schools?

01:17:14    Emily’s iPad:     will each schools tech facilitator be able to keep pressure on the cable providers

01:18:11    Barry Trott:      Here is the WM tutor job board link https://education.wm.edu/currentstudents/jobboard/