Sign up for a Teacher Card!

WRL teacher cards are available to teachers in the WJCC school system, the York County school system, and private schools in one of WRL’s funding areas. Homeschool parents can also get teacher cards if the parent resides in one of the funding jurisdictions. Teachers must verify their positions to obtain a card. Fill out the form online. Benefits include:

  • 20 item limit
  • 20 item hold limit
  • Loan period of 6 weeks for books, audiobooks, DVDs
    • Regular weeklong loan periods for all special collections like Learning to Go, Wi-Fi hotspots, & Rokus
  • Book Nook punch card each year for five free Book Nook items a month as long as they have their Teacher Card. The punch card starts over in September every year.
    • Punch card only applies to regularly priced items
  • Access to digital collections including databases
  • Annual card renewal